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Scarborough is the capital of Tobago and the city where a third of the population lives. It is the business centre of the country and it's large deep-water harbour means it is also a major port of call for cruise ships. The oldest part of the town dates back to 1654, with the highest and most dominant building, Fort King George, built on the hill over a century later. The nearby Botanical Gardens cover seven hectares of land and provide welcome shade on a hot day. Scarborough has plenty of fast food places, for a quick top up before planning your next move. Glass bottomed boat trips visit the nearby Buccoo Reef and are designed so you can see the astonishing range of marine life. Scuba diving here is acknowledged as the best in the world, and the nearby beaches at Crown Point are simply magical.

Scarborough insider information

  • Go to Sunday School at Buccoo Beach. This is nothing to do with religion, but a party on the beach which starts at 9pm. You will get back to your accommodation in the small hours. Laid back fun Tobago-style.
  • Visit the orchid house at the Botanical Gardens.
  • Find out if food tastes better wrapped in a banana leaf. Pastelles is a local speciality - meat folded into cornmeal and then wrapped in a banana leaf. Also try quenk, otherwise known as wild pig.
  • Visit the Fort, which is now a museum and enjoy the breeze at the top. Take your own refreshment, as there is none available there.

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