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Atlantic City overview

Since the first planks of its famous boardwalk were laid on the dunes in 1870, Atlantic City has drawn hordes of tourists each year for fun in the summer sun. As the home of salt water taffy, the longtime locale for the Miss America Pageant and the spot where you can find the East Coast’s most popular casinos, Atlantic City is a must-see attraction for hordes of visitors interested in being a part of the resort town’s unique history. 

Atlantic City’s presence in popular culture reflects its role as one of the most sought after destinations of the 19th and 20th centuries: Movies such as “Beaches”, “Snake Eyes” and “The King of Marvin Gardens” as well as popular television shows like “Boardwalk Empire", Sex and the City” and “Friends” all feature Atlantic City as a setting or a filming location with shots of the boardwalk and casino lights in the background. One thing’s for sure: Flights to Atlantic City may fill up especially during the summertime, but the popularity of this resort town won’t be dwindling anytime soon. 

Those booking flights to Atlantic City will see firsthand how the multitude of activities, attractions and exceptional entertainment keep the masses coming back for more: Between its flashy casinos, sandy beaches and carnival rides that’ll thrill the whole family on Steel Pier, Atlantic City makes for an ideal vacation destination year-round.

Atlantic City climate

Courtesy of its northeastern seaboard location, Atlantic City is an ideal summer destination with comfortable temperatures cooled by the ocean breezes resting on average around 24 degrees Celsius. Winters in Atlantic City are frigid and snowy with temperatures on average resting just below freezing at 2 degrees Celsius.

When to fly to Atlantic City

Whether you’re looking to bask in the summer sun on the Jersey Shore or enjoy the snowy dunes along the boardwalk in the wintertime, there’s no wrong time to book your flight to Atlantic City

Peak Season: 

Join the plethora of beachcombers who are booking flights to Atlantic City between the months of May and September. Summertime is the busiest time of year for booking Atlantic City flights, so be sure to plan accordingly and make those hotel and flight arrangements months in advance. 

Off-Peak Season: 

Cheap flights to Atlantic City are plentiful in the winter months, when coastal winds chill the Jersey Shore. Grab a cheap flight to Atlantic City in for the Atlantique Spring Festival. The festival, which is the largest of its kind in the world, showcases art, antiques and collectibles that hail from each continent. Atlantic City cheap flights are common in the transitional seasons of spring and fall: The sun is out and the weather is pleasant, making for excellent conditions for a walk on the boardwalk when it’s free of the sunbathers that cover it during the high season.

Getting around Atlantic City

When you land in Atlantic City, either take a taxi downtown or get a ride on the TransIT Link. The city is so small that you won’t really need transportation to get around. For a fun blast from the past, try taking an old-fashioned rolling chair down the boardwalk. You can also get to Atlantic City from another major city, like New York City or Philadelphia, on Greyhound and Capitol Trailways buses.

Atlantic City insider information

  • Atlantic City has been a favourite seaside resort for tourists up and down the Eastern coast since the second half of the 19th century. The boardwalk, which today extends at just over 6 kilometres, was built in 1870 and has become a timeless icon for leisure and fun in the sun. Atlantic City’s Ocean Pier is the first seaside amusement pier and was built in 1882.
  • If you’ve got a sweet tooth, be sure to stock up on boxes of salt water taffy before your Atlantic City flight home. Salt water taffy was discovered in Atlantic City after a batch of taffy was tainted by the waters of an ocean flood in 1883. Head to James Salt Water Taffy on the Boardwalk to sample some of the local candy. 
  • Spend some of the cash you saved on your cheap flight to Atlantic City at one of the slot machines along the boardwalk! Known as “the Las Vegas of the East”, Atlantic City is a shore-side gambler’s paradise with its plethora of casinos and gaming establishments. Stop into the Trump Taj Mahal or the Tropicana before your return Atlantic City flight to cash in your chips!
  • Aspiring beauty queens and pageant veterans alike are filling up flights to Atlantic City to revel in the Miss America Beauty Pageant’s history. Stones engraved with the names of each Miss America crowned since the inception of the pageant in 1921 line Michigan Avenue, and a statue of Bert Parks, the pageant’s longtime TV host, stands just outside of the offices of the Miss America Organization. 
  • The boardwalk and other famous sights from Atlantic City may seem familiar due to their cameos in some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters. Two of Paul Newman’s most notable credits, “The Color of Money” and “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” either mention or have scenes integral to story taking place in Atlantic City. “Beaches”, the beloved chick flick, prominently features a curly-topped Bette Midler and Atlantic City’s boardwalk as the site where the two main characters meet. Rent “Empire Records”, “Ocean’s 11” or “Rounders” for some Atlantic City scenes. 
  • Looking for the perfect souvenir to pick up before your return Atlantic City flight? Pick up Mattel’s classic board game, Monopoly, for a recreational reminder of Atlantic City’s streets! Atlantic City was used as the model for the original American version of Monopoly.

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