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Holguin is the capital city of the Holguin province in Cuba where Christopher Columbus landed in 1492. The beautiful Holguin coastline provides views, water activities, peaceful moments and great eateries to enjoy good food. It also offers a great sense of history and culture. As the birthplace of Cuban music, Holguin is a vibrant, colourful destination with a taste for the historic and exotic. Famous for its beautiful flora, the city is a delight for nature lovers and photographers. The area boasts no less than six white sand beaches, with Playa Pesquero being its longest beach. There are some decent scuba diving and snorkelling locations in the area.

For lovers of marine biology, dolphins and sea lion viewing is located on the Bahia Naranjo, where visitors can view sea lions and get a chance to swim with dolphins. The dolphinarium may be reached by catamarans and boats. There are also health and wellness spas, where you can enjoy great views of the Atlantic, receive the wellness treatment that you need to help you de-stress, unwind and embrace your holiday time. The spas tend to offer saunas, a gym, Scottish and Jet showers.

When to fly to Holguin

Since the city is located on the eastern side of Cuba, it has a warm subtropical climate. This means that winters are mild and summers are hot. Trade winds keep the climate cooler than in some subtropical zones, all year round. December and January are the nicest and warmest months in the city. However the climate offers remarkably good weather all year round, making the peak season last all year round. Prices can be expensive in the city for both hotels and services. There is shift in temperature at night due to its situation closer inland than some cities. There are only two distinct seasons, namely summer (March to October) when it is very hot and winter (December to February).

Prices are high all year round in the city, but rainfalls in summer and autumn may result in lower visitor numbers at this time of year. Between August and October the city may be impacted by rainy or stormy weather and this is officially hurricane season. Hurricanes are rare, however, and rain overnight and daytime showers occur during this time of the year. However, some tourists are deterred, which may result in seasonal deals at this time.

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