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Peak Season:

The local winter or what passes for it is peak season so book cheap flights to Aruba far in advance for stays between December and March.

Off Season:

Temperatures in Aruba are warm throughout the year and tend toward an average in the high-20 degrees Celsius range so planning a vacation outside the peak season makes good sense. 


Considering its vast array of white-sand beaches and near-perfect climate, it is little wonder that Aruba is one of the Caribbean's most popular destinations with some 1.5 million sun-seekers arriving each year. Most of these arrive from the US or Venezuela, which is located a short distance away but some arrive on cheap flights to Aruba from as far afield as the UK suggesting that the trip is well-worth the reward of arrival.

The capital of Aruba is Oranjestad that serves as the cultural hub of the island. The town features all modern amenities as well as everything a visitor’s heart could desire including shops, casinos, nightclubs and last though certainly not least restaurants. Local architecture is a modern fusion featuring a strong Dutch influence with a Caribbean twist. It is also a port with a busy waterfront where yachts of every size and description mingle with cruise ships and fishing boats. Nearby – certainly within a half-hour stroll is Eagle Beach, a beach town with a variety of hotels ranging from the intimate and unique to the huge all-inclusive resorts that tend to attract those on a tighter budget. A short walk past Eagle Beach will lead visitors to the well-known Waikiki strip where anyone for whom money is no object tends to stay.

Aruba climate

Aruba is tropical and averages a temperature of 28 C year round. Cooling winds make for a very pleasant stay. The rainy season lasts from October through January, but the rains are generally erratic and short-lived.

Getting around Aruba

Once travellers have settled in from their cheap flights to Aruba, the aptly named Arubus sets off from Oranjestad en route to a number of destinations around the island.  No need to buy tickets in advance as the driver will happily accept payment but beware that the roads are poor and drivers adventurous, making for something of a wild ride at times.

The less adventurous can opt for taxis to make their way about.

Anyone unwilling to let the locals do the driving can hire a car but keep in mind that the poor condition of the roads is best navigated with a 4 x 4 vehicle.

Aruba insider information

  • Much of Aruba’s tourist industry is centred in the Oranjestad region. Hiring a car, a 4 x 4 is recommended due to the poor roads, opens up the rest of the island. The North coast in particular is worth a trip. In this more secluded area, visitors can enjoy a natural swimming pool that takes its water from the sea but is separated from it by a rock formation.
  • Arikok National Park covers about 20 per cent of the island and features a series of formations made up of lava, quartz and limestone. Using your 4 x 4 off-road is one option but get around here but don’t forget to see the local caves featuring ancient paintings.
  • It may not be Rio but the local carnival is nevertheless a popular celebration that lasts months rather than mere weeks. It starts with a New Year celebration on January 1 and continues until Ash Wednesday, featuring joyous displays of dance, music and floats. If it sounds enticing, beware that many other visitors will be likewise moved to visit at this time so remember to book hotel and flights in advance.
  • The capital is Oranjestad, which serves as the arrival point for most cheap flights to Aruba. There is no shortage of amenities here explaining why many visitors choose to stay put upon arriving but beware that the town can get rather crowded when cruise ships dock. While most excursions including windsurfing, snorkelling and even submarine trips can be booked here there is also much to do and see away from the beach. Many museums, a plethora of shops and a wide variety of restaurants are all on offer inland.
  • Visitors on a budget would be well-served to pick up a VisitAruba card that is the ticket to discounts on just about everything a tourist could want to do in Aruba including car rentals, hotels, water parks, food and shopping. They are available at the tourist centre.

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