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When to fly to Egypt

Peak Season:
Because the heat of the summer can be unbearable, the peak season for travel to Egypt is between October and May. Accommodations will often be fully booked and prices rise during this time of year.

Off Season:
The least popular time to visit is during the hottest months as temperatures can be hot to handle. If you do travel during this time - and this can be when the best bargains are to be found for flights to Egypt - stick to the coast where the breezes make it seem cooler.

Shoulder Season:
Spring time, between March and April, is one of the best times to visit, for both the chance of finding good deals and the climate. The weather is still very warm, but has not yet reached summertime peaks, and the tourist levels are reduced from the peak travelling times.


Egypt has a huge variety of sights to explore, from the ancient Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza to the modern resorts of Sharm el Sheikh. Travellers book flights to Egypt for a host of different reasons. As the "seat of civilization" Egypt has one of the richest histories of all countries on the planet, but it is also very much alive today. The resorts on its coastlines draw those keen to do little more than lie back in the sunshine or swim in the warm seas. But the bustling cities appeal to those who want to see something of the urban African lifestyle. Cairo is seldom missed by travellers and is filled with museums, shops and bazaars; Luxor is the gateway to the Valley of the Kings and the ancient “City of Palaces;” Alexandria has monuments from Alexander the Great; and Aswan, an old trading town, is the starting point for many Nile cruises.

Egypt climate

Egypt’s Mediterranean coast can be cool, but the rest of the country is sizzling hot, especially in the summer. Be prepared to sweat – the desert is hot and arid.

Getting around Egypt

Flights are possible in Egypt, though not the most cost-effective means of travel. The national carrier is Egypt Air.

Most travellers get around the country by bus or train. The train is efficient and reliable, but often takes longer than the bus. For short distances, it is almost always better to catch a bus, which is the cheapest option as well.

Service taxis, known as servees, are popular and common. This is the very cheapest way of getting around, but you need to be prepared for long waits. The car, often a Peugeot, will not stop until full, and will drop off all passengers where they choose.

Egypt insider information

  • The Great Pyramids are the reason many visitors book flights to Egypt and most traveller will want to visit them.It is advisable to arrive early, to avoid the crowds and also the heat of the day.
  • Marsa Alam, on the Red Sea, is one the best spots to go snorkelling. Less developed than the resorts in the North, this is the best spot for an eco-holiday. The Wadi el Gamal coast area is a national park, which means the mangroves, palm trees, coral reef and dolphins are all protected by the preservation area. Holiday here with a clearer conscience.
  • Lake Nasser in southern Egypt is the largest man-made lake in the world. Two towns by the lake are especially worth visiting: Abu Simbel and Aswan. It’s easiest to stay in Aswan and take a day-trip (or longer) to Abu Simbel. Connection is easy by plane, or by a very early morning bus. The latter takes longer, but does mean you can see the sun rise over the desert.

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