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Stockholm overview

Pack your finest couture and bring your avant guard attitude with you on the flight to Stockholm. Sweden’s capital city reeks of style, sophistication and sass. The endless days of the sunshine in the summer months and the posh mountain resorts in the winter keep travellers coming back to Stockholm. Spend a day in Stockholm’s chic boutiques, sip lattes at one of the trendy sidewalk cafes, discover the latest style from a fashion-conscience Swede and dance the night away at one of Stockholm’s clubs.

From its people to the environment, Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Over 60 per cent of the city comprises lakes, rivers and green spaces that help keep Stockholm’s air fresh and clean. After your flight to Stockholm, head into Old Town and shop around the city centre. Stockholm is a thriving metropolis with a very eclectic population. It’s likely you’ll hear over 100 languages spoken and witness a vast diversity in culture and religion. Travellers booking flights to Stockholm will undoubtedly be captivated by this energetic city.

Stockholm climate

Shielded from the Atlantic Ocean, Stockholm has a surprisingly moderate climate. Winter temperatures range from -9 or so to zero (Celsius). Summer temperatures are usually warm, ranging from 20 to the mid-20s. In the weeks before and after midsummer, Stockholm has almost 24 hours of daylight throughout June. Snow falls from January to March, and the June and July have the most rain.

When to fly to Stockholm

Whether you’re hoping for a snow-covered Scandinavian holiday or a sun-drenched summer vacation, there’s no wrong time to book your flight to Stockholm.

Peak Season: Stockholm swells in the summer. The streets are filled with people eager to parade under the constant sunshine. However, Stockholm cheap flights are practically nonexistent when it comes to summer travel: The comfortable temperatures and summer leisure activities in Stockholm and throughout Sweden are responsible for a massive swell in tourism after the winter thaw.

Off-peak Season: The freezing chill of winter in Scandinavia scares tourists away from booking cheap flights to Stockholm during this time of year, but countless snow sports and cultural activities in Stockholm and other major cities throughout Sweden make for a vacation worth the chill.

Getting around Stockholm

When your Stockholm flight arrives at Stockholm-Arlanda, it’s to get downtown on the bus or train. You have an abundance of options when you get into the city. Stockholm has widespread, efficient public transportation consisting of commuter trains, metro, bus lines and a suburban rail. You can easily sightsee on foot, since most of the attractions are located in the centre of town.

Stockholm insider information

  • Home to the Swedish parliament, government and royal family, Stockholm should be the first stop on any Sweden trip. The Royal Palace is one of the largest palaces in Europe and resides in the heart of Gamla Stan, which is Stockholm’s old town district. If you waited until the last minute for souvenir shopping before your return Stockholm flight, check out the countless vendors in this part of the city for traditional, kitschy mementos.
  • Looking to keep the kids entertained after your cheap flight to Stockholm lands? Swing by Grona Lund, the amusement park located on the island of Djurgarden.  Grona Lund isn’t open year-round, so be sure to check the dates for your trip before planning a visit to ride the harbourside roller coasters. Grona Lund is also a popular concert venue and welcomed popular musicians including Bob Marley and Janis Joplin.
  • Art enthusiasts and history buffs from around the globe book Stockholm cheap flights to visit the city’s vast collection of museums which showcase everything from contemporary furniture design to ancient Swedish glass.  Be sure to stop by the Skansen museum, the oldest open air museum in the world famous for its full replica of a 19th-century Swedish town. The Moderna Museet is a favorite amongst contemporary art critics and houses works by Salvador Dali and Picasso.
  • Though cheap flights to Stockholm are difficult to find over the course of the winter holidays, the hike in ticket price is worth witnessing Stockholm’s magical Christmastime activities.  The Skanksen Christmas market, which has been sending visitors home with authentic Swedish crafts and clothing since 1903, is one of the largest in Sweden and takes place during the weekends of December.

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How much do things cost in Stockholm?

Clothing & Shoes
Pair of jeans
C$ 132.53
Pair of Nike shoes
C$ 140.08
1 km taxi journey
C$ 1.85
One-way ticket (local transport)
C$ 5.54
1 hour taxi waiting fee
C$ 68.49
Petrol (1 litre)
C$ 2.06
Bottle of wine
C$ 13.85
1 litre of milk
C$ 1.59
Bottle of local beer (0.5 litre)
C$ 2.59
Large bottle of water
C$ 2.29
3 course meal for 2
C$ 107.74
Meal at McDonald's or similar
C$ 10.77
Small bottle of water (0.33 litre)
C$ 3.01
C$ 5.09
How much does an apartment cost in Stockholm?
3 bedroom apartment downtown
C$ 2627
1 bedroom apartment downtown
C$ 1611
3 bedroom apartment in the suburbs
C$ 1691
1 bedroom apartment in the suburbs
C$ 1101

More information about Stockholm

  • Visit the links above to find cheap deals on last minute flights to Stockholm and make the most of your money
  • Take a tour around the grandiose Stadshuset, the City Hall that hosts the Nobel Banquet every year
  • The nightlife in Stockholm is perhaps the best in Scandinavia, with excellent clubs like The Laroy and Club Kharma
  • Book direct flights to Stockholm for a fabulous city break in Sweden’s beautiful ‘Venice of the North’
  • Find time to explore the amazing Vasa Maritime Museum and learn about the famous 17th Century Warship
  • In winter there’s no better experience than to go ice skating at the iconic rink in Stockholm’s Kungstradgarden Park
  • If you like an adrenaline rush, then enjoy the fun-filled rides at Stockholm’s Grona Lund Amusement Park
  • As the capital of Sweden, Stockholm is filled with some of the country’s most popular attractions and events
  • The Nobelmuseet, or Nobel Prize Museum, is also definitely worth a visit to learn all about the celebrated laureates
  • Relax in Sweden’s Djurgården Island that is filled with a multitude of serene parks and gardens

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