Let’s make this happen.
Looking to grow your business with the world’s leading travel search engine?
Whether you manage a hotel, rental property or other accommodation, Cheapflights can work with you. Connect with one of our booking engine partners to show prices and availability.
How to get started
Create your listing to appear in our search results
Connect with Cheapflights via a booking engine to enable us to show prices and availability.
Edit your listing or view properties
Make adjustments to your existing listing by changing contact information or amenities, updating photos or removing your listing.
Analyze your results
See how your properties are performing to get the most of your Cheapflights experience.
Vacation Rentals
In order for your listing to show information and rates on Cheapflights, it must be bookable through an online travel agency (like Travelocity, Booking.com) or a Booking Engine (like WIHP or Travelclick). When your listing is bookable through a provider that works with Cheapflights, we can then retrieve and display rates for your rental property.
Show your hotel with price and availability
If you want to show prices and availability in real-time and allow users to book online, your hotel will need to connect to Cheapflights via an outside interface. Called “booking engines”, these are just some of the providers who will be able to sync your data with Cheapflights.
Now, let’s fill those beds
If you are already listed on another OTA that we work with, your properties should appear in Cheapflights results.
If you wish to delete pictures provided by one of our partners, or if you have any problems or suggestions along the way, kindly let us know.