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Imagine dark rooms filled with Tibetan carpets and larger-than-life Buddhas at every corner, hidden shops with hanging wooden masks and spinning prayer wheels, and narrow streets that echo ancient chants and flute-filled music through its stone buildings. Here a magic kingdom comes to life, and it starts with a flight to Nepal. 

Located along the Himalayas, Nepal boasts spectacular scenery featuring hiking trails that would put the Rocky Mountains to shame. Flights to Nepal arrive in a country that is a poor financially, but rich in culture. With dozens of different ethnicities, religions and languages living in Nepal, it’s easy to see why travellers book Nepal flights – everyone is welcome. Music, architecture, religion and literature all play a significant part in Nepal's infrastructure. 

When your flight to Nepal arrives, take time out for a visit to Kakani. In what seems like a world away from the churches, monasteries and temples that line the streets in Nepal’s city centre, Kakani is a simpler place. Many travellers book flights to Nepal for a trek through Kakani’s hiking trails and a glimpse of the spectacular mountain views.

Nepal climate

Climate: Nepal has a variety of climates, depending on the altitude you’re visiting. Summer temperatures range between 19 and 27 C while winter temperatures climb from 2 to 20 C with on-and-off rain.

When to fly to Nepal

Peak Season: The dry season of October through May is the best bet for tourists to experience clear mountain views on their travel to Nepal, and allows for outdoor activities and trekking. Pack comfortable clothes and hiking shoes if you plan to trek through the mountains – you might consider leaving these items in your carry-on luggage on your flight to Nepal, as many places won’t allow you to trek without the necessary garments.

Off-peak Season: Monsoon season lands between June and September, and are usually too hot for pleasant Nepal travel, anyway. Harsh winters also deter tourists with freezing temperatures at high altitudes. But, if you want to brave the rain and snow, cheap flights to Nepal are easily found during the off-season.

Getting around Nepal

Royal Nepal Airlines are great for domestic Nepal flights if you book them a week in advance. Unfortunately for on-land Nepal travel, the options are few and far between. Buses, although cheap, are slow and dangerous. Daily “almost accidents” occur, as well as fatal accidents on paved and unpaved roads. The metro is off-limits to tourists, and no car rental options exist for foreigners. Biking will sometimes prove quicker than bus routes, and walking is a reliable method, especially in Kathmandu.

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Nepal insider information

Kathmandu: The capital of Nepal, this city is a Buddhist and Hindu center of religion and culture. Brimming with tradition, architecture, and activity, it will surely complete your travel to Nepal. Beautiful sights in the Thamel district (although sometimes dangerous) include cultural, political, and commercial events, cobblestone streets, and authentic bakeries, cafes, and hotels. On the outskirts, enjoy rafting or mountain climbing in the snow covered mountains, and see the influx of ethnicities within the valley population.

Himalayas: Whether you’re attempting Mount Everest, or soaking in nature at its best, the Himalayas are a wealthy resource of organic experience. Foot trails will guide you from one pastoral setting to another, and weaving through stony villages, monasteries, shrines, and temples will refresh you mentally and physically. Meeting locals like pilgrims, traders, herders, and even animals will give your travel to Nepal a more native understanding.

Rafting: Seemingly intimidating, white water rafting can actually be enjoyed by wavering beginners. Rookies can choose a smoother route focused on surrounding canyon scenery. If your travel to Nepal is a family affair, look for certain companies that cater to children. For a serious adrenaline rush, a veteran might try a world class experience along the Seti or Kali Ganaki River.

Festivals: Celebrations occur on village, valley, city, and national levels. Book your cheap flight to Nepal during a holiday, and experience the cultural traditions of the Buddhist and Hindu religions. National festivals bring together the assorted backgrounds of citizens that band together under one nation.

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C$ 2.49
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