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When is the best time to fly to Monrovia?

Temperatures soar in the city around March, whilst rainfall is usually highest in the month of August. If climate and temperature are important for you, then you could time your visit for May or June, when rainfall is still not too high but the temperatures are not unbearably hot. Travelling during the school holidays will usually be more expensive than at other times of year. Why not check out the various festivals that are going on in the city during your preferred dates of travel? For example, there is an annual wine and jazz festival in Monrovia which is always worth going to.

Monrovia overview 

Enjoy Liberia's sun splashed coast line when you visit the historic city of Monrovia with its array of great restaurants and exciting museums, galleries, and other cultural attractions. The Liberian National Museum should be your first port of call for finding out about the multi layered history of this country and the city in particular, too. The Kpa-Tawe waterfalls are one of the most loved natural attractions in Monrovia, and will surely form the setting for one of the most scenic hikes, walks, or picnics that you will ever have. Gertylue Floral Park is a resplendent location, filled with the gorgeous colours of native species of flowers. If your appetite for natural scenery still isn't satisfied, then head down to Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve to see some brilliant examples of local wildlife and to revel in the wonderful scenery afforded by the mountain after which the park is named. Taking the enjoyable boat ride down to Providence Island is another very popular activity for visitors to do. Be sure to check out the variety of cafes and restaurants in the city centre, too, where you can enjoy some delicious local fare, traditionally cooked.

Getting around Monrovia

There is a network of public buses in Monrovia which covers most of the city. These buses tend to be very crowded and so if you want a more comfortable ride, you can always take a taxi. Hiring a car is another option in the city, though driving here can be quite hectic and so it might be best to entrust yourself to a local taxi driver who knows the ropes (just make sure to agree the fare first).

Getting from the Airport to the City

Roberts International Airport (ROB) (which is also referred to as 'Robertsville') is the main airport serving the city of Monrovia. It is located around 22 miles (35 km) from the centre of Monrovia. Take a taxi or an airport shuttle bus to reach your hotel in the city centre. Teaming up with other passengers will help you to keep the taxi fare down. You can also hire a car: book your car online before you travel and it can be ready for you to pick up at the airport.

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