WestJet Airlines

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Contact details


Arrival and departure information: 1-877-929-8646

Reservation or general enquiries: 1-888-WESTJET (937-8538)

Baggage enquiries: 1-866-666-6224


WestJet Airlines Check-in

Web check-in is available for all flights between 24 hours and one hour before the flight is scheduled to take off. Mobile check-in times are 24 hours to 30 minutes before take-off for domestic flights and 24 hours to 45 minutes before departure for trans-border and international flights. Kiosk check-in times are five hours to 30 minutes before flight departure for domestic routes and five hours to 45 minutes on trans-border and international flights. Check-in desks at the airport closes 90 minutes before departure for domestic flights and two hours before departure for trans-border and international flights.

WestJet Airlines baggage allowance

Hand luggage: Two pieces of hand luggage are permitted. The maximum weight, per bag, is 10kg. The size of the first piece should not exceed 53cm x 23cm x 38cm. The dimensions of the second piece should be no greater than 41cm x 15cm x 33cm.

Checked: Travellers are allowed to check one piece of luggage. The bag should weigh up to 23kg and be no larger than 157cm.

Excess: There is a $20 charge for the second bag; bags three and four cost $50 each. The charge for an oversized or overweight baggage is $50.

WestJet Airlines legroom

Seat pitch:81-86cm

Pre-arranged seating

Seats are assigned at check-in so it pays to get to the airport early. If you are using online check-in (flying within Canada or to the US) you can select your seat between 24 hours and 60 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight. Alternatively, you can purchase a seat. Fees for purchasing a seat vary.

Passenger change details

Flights may be changed or cancelled, depending on the fare purchased, either online, over the phone or in person. Changes may incur a fee of $50 (plus tax), plus any difference in fare.

Child fares

Infants under the age of two may travel on an accompanying adult’s lap free of charge. If the infant turns two within 30 days of the return flight, the airline will not charge a fare for the return flight, but taxes and surcharges will apply. Children age two and older pay full fare.

Senior fares

WestJet does not offer senior fares.


Cats, dogs, rabbits and birds are allowed travel in the cabin or can travel as checked baggage. Contact reservations after booking to arrange transportation of your pet. It costs $50 each way. Animals are not permitted in the cabin or in the baggage hold on flights to and from Barbados, Jamaica, St Lucia, Hawaii and the Cayman Islands.

Carrying musical instruments

Musical instruments may go as checked luggage (as part of the traveller’s checked baggage allowance) provided it meets size and weight guidelines. An extra seat may not be purchased for the instrument, but you may travel with it in the cabin if it can be stowed in one of the overhead bins.

In-flight service

Complimentary snacks, soft drinks, juices, coffee and tea are available on all flights. There is a Buy-on-Board service available on most flights as well as live seat-back TV.

Airline food link

Browse through WestJet’s snack items on the airline’s website.

In-flight magazine

The in-flight magazine, up! magazine, is available on every flight and can also be read online.

Airline alliances

WestJet is not a member of an airline alliance.

Airline overview

WestJet is a low-cost airline and the nation’s second-largest carrier after Air Canada. Founded in 1996, its first flights were in Western Canada – Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna and Vancouver. The airline has grown since then, offering flights across Canada and to the US and Caribbean.

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

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