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When to fly to Ghana

Peak Season:
The rainy season is the most pleasant time to travel to Ghana as temperatures can be extremely high during the rest of the year.

Off peak season:

The winter months are less popular with travellers and flights to Ghana arrive emptier. This can be the time to find the best deals.


Travellers who set off on flights to Ghana are on their way to one of Africa’s less-explored gems. Although it is renowned as one of the friendliest African countries, Ghana is not that well set on the tourist trail. Which is a surprise, given its location on the coast, the acres of wildlife parks in the north and some of the most vibrant cities to be found in the continent.

Accra is the largest city and the point of arrival for all flights to Ghana. It is a bustling place, which can be intimidating on first sight, but many travellers quickly fall in love with its energetic pulse. Kumasi is a much older city. Once the seat of the Ashanti region, this is the area where much of the gold was mined. The Southern coast is dotted with white sand beaches and the odd resort hotel. Once the main location for the slave trade, now the old slave forts are popular tourist attractions.

Ghana climate

Ghana has a rainy season that lasts from April to October. The south gets a break from the rain in July and August. The humidity is high and temperatures can be anywhere between 21 C and 32 C. It dries out the rest of the year, and temperatures climb up to 38 C. March is the hottest time of year and August the coolest.

Getting around Ghana

Transport is not well-developed in Ghana. The easiest way to get around is to hire a car, though make sure this is a four-by-four. Many of the roads are filled with potholes or fade to dirt tracks off the main routes.

If you want to meet the locals, taking a tro-tro is a good option. These minibuses cover almost every route. They have no timetable, but only set off when they are full (which is almost certainly an extra five people after tourists believe they have filled up). Progress can be slow as the tro-tros drop off and pick up passengers at most stages along the way.

Ghana insider information

  • The Mole Game Reserve in the north of the country is not one of the best game parks in Africa, but worth a visit if you have time to spare. The park doesn't have large numbers of tourists visiting, which means that the animals have become rather bold. You're as likely to see a warthog rifling through the bins for kitchen scraps or a gorilla peering in at the window of your hut as you are to see them in the reserve.
  • Accra is the capital of Ghana and by far the biggest and most vibrant city in the country. It has undergone extensive modernization recently, but parts are still incredibly poor. Don’t miss the markets, huge partly-covered expanses with everything on sale from second-hand jeans to spices.
  • Don’t be alarmed if you are hissed at in the street – this is a local means of greeting and not a sign of disapproval.
  • Kumasi is in the centre of the country. The town is much more laid-back than Accra and often preferred by tourists. It was also the centre for the gold production of the gold coast. There are a couple of museums which are fascinating to explore for its history.
  • The coast itself is a mixture of idyllic beaches and old slave forts. There are well-preserved forts at Cape Coast and Elmina.

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