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When to fly to Arizona

Peak Season:

Peak season for flights to Arizona in central and southern Arizona are during winter, while summer is the peak season in northern Arizona and the mountains. Lake Havasu City is busy year-round: winter with retirees and snowbirds, college students on spring break, and summer has activities and events that keep the city busy June through August.

Off Season:

Summer is the off season in the desert and southern Arizona. Conversely, winter is the off season in northern Arizona. Spring and autumn are great times to book a flight to Arizona. The mountains are cool and the desert is warm, and in spring the deserts flowers are in bloom. In early autumn some desert resorts still offer summer rates.


Choosing one place to visit in Arizona can be an adventure in itself thanks to a plethora of choices available to visitors. Popular activities include golfing, hiking, climbing, and horseback riding. Unleash your inner hippy or creative and head for Bisbee, Jerome, and Sedona or see the deserts in Tuba City. And nearly every visitor coming off a flight to Arizona wants to see one thing: the Grand Canyon.

In every corner of Arizona you can experience its diverse culture and history. One-third of the state belongs to Native Americans who have lived here for hundreds of years. Spanish explorers came through the area, followed by settlers. Even more people began settling in the desert regions after air-conditioning became popular.

Whether you’re going to Arizona to visit its desolate deserts or shop in its sophisticated boutiques and galleries, step off your Arizona flight and get ready for a truly memorable stay.

Arizona climate

Arizona’s desert and mountain climates make it a year-round destination. The desert can have temperatures over 37 degrees (Celsius) in summer, but mid-teens in winter. In the northern mountains, summers can be quite pleasant, but the winters icy and snowy. Check before you plan your flights to Arizona as some places may surprise you - Sedona for one can be in the 30s in summer but cool enough in winter to get snow. In summer, the desert has thunderstorms that come up very quickly and cause flash floods. In winter, desert temperatures can drop to below freezing at night.

Getting around Arizona

The best way to get around the state is by car. Public transportation in Tucson and Phoenix is available for commuters and provides transport to the attractions.

Because of its size, it may be quicker to take a domestic flight from one area to the other instead of driving. Regional airports include Mesa, Payson, Prescott, Sedona, Chandler, and Scottsdale.

Arizona insider information

  • Phoenix has a wealth of outdoor activities to choose from including golfing and hiking in the desert and mountains to viewing the scenery from horseback or hot-air balloons.
  • Tucson, in the Sonoran Desert valley, is surrounded by mountains and offers visitors world-class golf resorts, museums, galleries, and the cultural diversity of its residents.
  • Stop by Sedona’s dramatic red-rock buttes, canyon walls, and mesas during sunset, the view is breathtaking.  Sedona also has some of the best outdoor access of any Southwestern city, and for a change of pace, visit its eclectic shops and galleries.
  • At the northern edge of the Bradshaw Mountains sitting in a valley is Prescott. The area is popular for its climate, scenery, and outdoor activities. Its rich history is reflected in the downtown area’s 1890s saloon, cattlemen’s hotel, courthouse plaza, and museums.
  • London Bridge, which was brought over from England and reconstructed over the channel, is situated in Lake Havasu City. There’s an English village under the bridge, complete with shops and restaurants. The city also draws college students on spring break, weekend warriors, and snowbirds and even retirees in winter.

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