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Pigeon Forge overview

Nestled in the Tennessee foothills of the Great Snowy Mountains is a little town that is mainly on the map due to its proximity to widely recognized tourist destinations. If you’re looking for a halfway point between aquariums, museums, and famous amusement parks, then Pigeon Forge is a place to be smack dab in the middle of it all. 

If you’re interested in hiking, camping, outdoor water parks, or other exciting activities, Pigeon Forge is just minutes away from all of it. Historically, the town was born through a history of farm culture, using the land as a means of survival. But now, the city is very different. When you visit Pigeon Forge, you’ll see why it refers to itself as the “Family Vacation Hub” – it has only a very small number (less than 6,000) of residents, and the land is mostly used for tourist ventures. 

One attraction in particular, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, was dedicated in 1940 and exists as a wonderful connection between the city and its natural roots of the land, a nod to its history, and a step towards preservation.

When to fly to Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge does have a seasonal climate, but a very mild one. Most travellers book Pigeon Forge flights during the summer months of June to August, when temperatures skyrocket well into the 30s, and sunny days and warm evenings create the perfect setting for amusement park adventures. 

Both spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) are arguably the most pleasant times to visit, with temperatures resting around 15 degrees with cool breezes and warm days. May, however beautiful, is also known to be the wettest month of the year, with plenty of showers to create new summer growth. 

October is the driest month, which is evident from the trees changing colour and lighting the streets with a glow of foliage. Winter is the least popular season to book Pigeon Forge flights, mainly because of the 4 degree average, but also due to the heavy rainfall.

Pigeon Forge insider information

The Old Mill: Amazingly enough, the Pigeon Forge’s most photographed landmark is a place called The Old Mill. While not a theme park or entertainment site, this mill does have historical significance to the town. Located near Little Pigeon River and near traffic light number seven (seriously), the mill was constructed in 1830, and became the sole source of electricity for the city until 1930. Standing 24 feet tall, it’s not exactly a tower, but it does prompt any traveller booking flights to Pigeon Forge to snap a photo of the town’s important landmark. Onsite, a gift shop sells plenty of corn meal, grits, and flour to purchase as baking souvenirs. 

Dollywood: Another big draw that lures country music fans to book flights to Pigeon Forge is incredibly outrageous, over the top Dollywood. Created by country crooner Dolly Parton, this park is said to have the most significant economic impact on the nearby community. Wooden roller coasters zoom by cotton candy machines, water rides, and a carousel, but the biggest attraction of all is the stage, at which many Dolly Parton acts are performed. Themed shops, festivals, and special events saturate the park’s annual schedule, and there is always more than enough to do there. So take a walk in the park, savour a bit of carnival food, and enjoy the ride. 

Smoky Mountains Storytelling Festival: If you’re in the mood for more literary entertainment, then book flights to Pigeon Forge in June to experience the Smoky Mountain Storytelling Festival. A series of performances and workshops cantered on the organic process of storytelling encourages participation from people of all ages. A brew of tales, folklore, ghost stories, and western accounts all annually come together for the National Youth Storytelling Showcase, where fiction comes alive, and stories become reality.

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