Canada is a country of travellers. We know that because we’ve done the research; Canadians searched for flights more than 11.5 million times on in the last 12 months. And now, with our second annual Compass Report, affordable travel just got easier. We’ve crunched the data from all of those searches to tease out the most popular destinations for Canadian travellers, both on a national and local level, using the flight searches from six major cities: Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg. More importantly, we ranked these top travel hotspots based on affordability. We learned a lot from all of the numbers, including a few ways Canadian travellers can save this year.

Scroll down to see some fun findings as well as the full ranking of the 101 most popular destinations for Canadians on their average roundtrip airfare*.

*All airfares are roundtrip, in Canadian dollars and include taxes.



For a deeper dive into the affordability of Canadians’ favourite travel spots, check out our full ranking of the 101 most popular destinations in order of the average airfare from six major departure points across Canada:



Discover how roundtrip airfare to the 25 most popular destinations from six Canadian cities stack up on affordability. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

2017 Compass Report for Calgary
2017 Compass Report for Montreal
2017 Compass Report for Ottawa
2017 Compass Report for Toronto
2017 Compass Report for Vancouver
2017 Compass Report for Winnipeg

Want to see how this year’s data compares to last year’s? Take a look back at the 2016 annual Compass Report for Canadian travellers

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