2016 annual Compass Report for Canadian travellers

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We did it. We analyzed the results from more than 663,500 hours (that’s equivalent to 75 years) worth of travel searches made on Cheapflights.ca by travellers, like you. And we used everything we learned from all that number crunching to create our first ever Cheapflights Compass Report focused solely on Canada, revealing the most affordable destinations for Canadians. We then went one step further and ranked the most popular destinations to fly to from six major Canadian cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, CalgaryOttawa and Winnipeg on their affordability.

What does this mean for you? A lot. Get ready to save time and money on your next trip because we are helping you zero in on the best value destinations from an airport near you. How, you ask? We ranked the 101 most-searched destinations on the average round-trip airfare from six major departure points in Canada. Some of the things we learned?

• The top three Caribbean money savers are Cancun ($473), San Juan ($487) and Montego Bay ($587)
• Hong Kong ($961) is the best gateway in Asia, followed by Tokyo ($1,026) and Shanghai ($1,048)
• It’s best to skip London ($873) and Glasgow ($920) in the U.K., and head to Dublin, Ireland ($801) instead
• Craving a Spanish getaway? Try Mexico City ($599) over Barcelona ($918) and you’ll save more than $300
• On average, it’s just as cheap to fly all the way to Hawaii ($613) as it is to fly to Vancouver ($612)
• Heading to Scandinavia? It’s best to fly into Oslo ($877) or Helsinki ($830) rather than Reykjavik ($954) or Copenhagen ($955)

Other fun facts?
• Of all the searches done from those six key airports from May 1, 2015, to April 30, 2016, only 10 per cent were to Canadian destinations
• More people searched for flights to Asia (23 per cent) than to Europe (22 per cent), and searches to the U.S. equaled searches to all of Europe
• The most popular spots for Canadians were (1) Manila, Philippines, (2) Vancouver, B.C. and (3) Los Angeles, Calif., U.S.
• The 11 most affordable destinations were all in the U.S. The most affordable spot among Canadian cities was Montreal, which ranked number 15.

Scroll down to see all 101 destinations ranked and watch this video recap of the national findings from the Compass Report (or click here to see the full infographic).

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Discover how the round-trip airfares from the 25 most popular destinations in six Canadian cities stack up on affordability. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results…


To view the full infographic click here.

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