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When is the best time to fly to Phuket?

Peak season:

November to April is typically the peak season although Phuket benefits from nice weather almost all-year round. You’ll find cheap flights to Phuket a lot harder to find during these months as well, and accommodation is not only crowded but a lot more expensive than other times of the year. January to February are generally the busiest months so beaches might be more crowded, however, the weather is almost guaranteed to be warm and dry. Make sure you secure your flight tickets well in advance if you are hoping to find cheap flights to Phuket during the peak season.

Off season:

April is the last month of the peak season and Phuket tends to calm down a lot until early November so finding the cheapest flights to Phuket is a lot easier. The weather is still generally nice for most of the months and due to the lack of tourism you’ll be able to find luxury accommodation at very good prices. The off season is prone to rain and thunderstorms although the temperatures stay hot and some months sees scattered showers as opposed to heavy downfalls.

When is the best time to book a flight to Phuket?

This depends entirely on what kind of holiday you are looking for. If you can tolerate getting wet then definitely book your cheap flights to Phuket during the off season. Not only is accommodation heavily discounted, flight tickets are cheaper and the beaches are a lot less crowded meaning you can enjoy them more. If the chance of rain is a problem then aim for the peak season and make sure to secure your flights to Phuket at least 2 or 3 months in advance, or more if you can as the price of flight tickets can get quite steep if left too late. If you are flexible with your dates then you’ll find the cheapest flights to Phuket relatively easily.

How long is the flight to Phuket?

Flights from London to Phuket: 13 hours 35 minutes.

Flights from Manchester to Phuket: 14 hours 50 minutes.

Flights from Birmingham to Phuket: 14 hours 50 minutes.

Flights from Glasgow to Phuket: 16 hours 05 minutes.

Which airlines operate flights to Phuket?

Swiss, Qatar Airways, British Airways and Emirates are some of the major airlines that provide cheap flights to Phuket. Ultimately it will come down to which airline is cheaper, however you can look into what other benefits each airline can offer you. British Airways have a free business executive club you can join where you can earn ‘Avios’ points which you can redeem off other flight tickets in the future. They also provide complimentary snacks and beverages onboard their flights to Phuket. Once you’ve decided on a date and a departure city from the UK, compare a couple of the airlines to see which works out best for you. Qatar are very comfortable and provide a high level of service so it is worth taking those aspects into consideration too, especially as the flight takes at least 13 hours.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

You can easily find your way to the city thanks to a reliable bus service which literally goes from the airport directly to the Phuket bus terminal in the city. Simply turn left when you leave the arrivals Terminal and you’ll find the bus stop where the buses operate at an hourly basis. You can opt for a taxi as well although these are more expensive than the bus. Make sure you agree on the price before you get in though to avoid being overcharged. You could also rent a car from the airport but unless you are a confident driver and are planning to drive more than just to your hotel and back then renting a car wouldn’t really be worth it.

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