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Napa Valley overview

Any seasoned wine drinker knows to book Napa Valley flights for a trip filled with uncorked bliss. The Valley is one of the most famous wine growing regions in the world, drawing millions of local and international visitors to experience its lavish depth of reds and whites. 

Deep in the 35-mile-long (56 km) lush gorge, vines twirl happily with plump grapes perfectly primed for the picking. Wine and food lovers share a collective sigh of satisfaction as they submerge themselves in the Napa Valley experience, knowing full well that hundreds of wineries, world class restaurants, and luxurious spas are abundantly peppered throughout the exorbitant countryside. Most claim that it takes a few days just to absorb the sheer wonder and richness of the land itself, characterised by romance and indulgence. 

If you’re looking to expand your Napa Valley travel, then Sonoma is just 30 minutes away, and acts as Napa’s little sister. Although many of us are not used to eating and drinking to excess, you’ll need to adapt quickly. Whether you’re learning about wine for the first time, or are simply furthering your sommelier expertise, the enormous number of wineries and vineyards will be able to accommodate you no matter what kind of wine drinker you are. You can be sure that a mind-blowing wine selection awaits you. 

Napa Valley climate

As you would expect from a wine-growing region, the weather in Napa Valley is absolutely glorious. The area is far enough inland that it escapes San Francisco’s thick fog, but is close enough to the ocean that it cools down just as the heat becomes overwhelming. The southern end of the Valley, near San Pablo Bay, is cooler, while the western end, near the Mayacamas Mountains experiences more rainfall. Temperatures typically stay between 20-30 year round.

Getting around Napa Valley

Public transportation isn’t exactly the most popular method of Napa Valley travel. Most people opt for car rental to enjoy the beautiful scenery as they cruise through both Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Take in the lush, green atmosphere, rolling hills, and stunning views as you weave in and out of striking altitudes. 

If you’d rather rely on public transit, then either the Vine Public Shuttle or Lake Transit will take you to some of the more popular attractions. There are shuttle services all around the St. Helena area and a large amount of prevalent wineries. The Lake Transit has scheduled transportation to Ukiah, Clearlake, Clearlake Oaks, Lower Lake, Lakeport, and Middletown.

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