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Contact details


Reservations: 800-772-7117 / Customer Service: 801-401-2222




Mailing Address:
Spirit Airlines
2800 Executive Way
Miramar, FL 33025

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Mobile Airline Apps:Spirit Airlines does not currently offer any mobile apps. However, their website is compatible with most mobile devices.

Spirit Airlines Check-in

Passengers can check-in online 24 hours before departure. Spirit requires all travellers to be checked in 30 to 60 minutes before departure. The exact amount of time that is needed for each flight is based on the departure city and whether or not the flight is domestic. The best way to save money with Spirit is to avoid all of their unnecessary additional fees. For example, you can wait until you get to the airport to check-in with an agent, but there will be a $10 charge for doing so.

Flight Status Information: Flight status for departures, arrivals and delays can be obtained from the company’s website.

Spirit Airlines baggage allowance

Carry-On: Unlike most other airlines, Spirit does not provide passengers with the ability to bring a carry-on bag for free. Instead, opting to have a carry-on will cost between $26 and $100. The least expensive option is to pay a $26 fee for your carry-on bag during the online booking process.

Checked Baggage: Fees vary for checked baggage based on when you pay for them. For example, your first checked bag will be only $21 if you pay for it during online booking, but the same bag will cost $100 to check if you wait until you are at the gate. The airline also charges between $31 and $100 for a second checked bag, and the rate for any additional bags ranges from $76-$100.

Sporting Equipment, Over-Sized Items and Fragile Luggage: Spirit charges an overweight fee for any bag that weighs more than 40 pounds. The fee is based on the exact weight of the bag, and it ranges from $25-$100. It is important to note that bags over 99 pounds will not be accepted. Fragile items must be packed carefully to ensure that they arrive safely at your destination. Over-sized items will incur an extra fee ranging from $100-$150. Sporting equipment is allowed, but passengers should check the fee that is applicable for their specific item. For example, bringing a bicycle on a flight will cost $75. A full list of fees and items that are allowed can be found on the Spirit website.

Spirit Airlines legroom

Legroom on Spirit flights ranges from 28 to 37 inches depending on the aircraft.

Pre-arranged seating

Spirit Airlines offers a selection of pre-arranged seating options for extra fees. The price for customer-selected seats or deluxe leather seats ranges from $1 to $50. The fee for larger front seats ranges from $12 to $199 depending on a number of factors including the length of the flight.

Passenger change details

Reservations for flights that are not leaving for at least seven days can be cancelled or modified for free within the first 24 hours after purchase. Changes and cancellations that need to be made on flights that are leaving in less than a week will range from $50-$125. If the newly selected flight is less expensive than the original ticket, the difference will be refunded in a travel credit that must be used within 60 days. It is important to note that passengers who choose to make their changes or cancellations online will receive up to a $20 travel credit.

Child fares

Children between the ages of seven days old and their second birthday can travel for free as long as they sit in a passenger’s lap. Spirit also allows travellers to check one car seat and stroller per child for free.

Senior fares

Spirit Airlines does not offer discounted fares to seniors. Travellers with Disabilities: Passengers who need special assistance during their flight should contact the airline to make arrangements by calling 801-401-2222.


Spirit allows passengers to bring up to two pets in one container as long as each has room to stand up and move around comfortably. Cats, dogs and small household birds are permitted, and there will be a charge of $100 each way.

In-flight service

Spirit does not offer any free beverages or snacks, but they do have a nice list of paid options to choose from. Keep in mind that the flight crew can only accept credit cards for these purchases. Additionally, Spirit does not currently have an in-flight magazine.

Air miles

The Free Spirit frequent flyer program allows travellers to accrue miles each time they fly. Spirit has designated four different regions and travel times that determine how many miles are needed to get a free flight. For example, a flight to region one on an off-peak day only costs 2,500 miles, but a flight to region four on a premium travel day requires 45,000 miles. Members of the Free Spirit program can also accrue miles by making purchases through specific rental car companies, hotels and other partners.

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Airline alliances

Spirit has no alliances with other airlines.

Airline overview

Spirit was founded in 1980 as Charter One and has been flying under the Spirit Airlines name since 1992. The company’s headquarters is located in Miramar, Florida, and their operating hub is the Hollywood International Airport in Fort Lauderdale. The airline is owned by Oaktree Capital Group, and they serve destinations in Canada, the US, Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America.

Q & A:

•Where is Spirit Airlines’ terminal at Toronto’s Pearson Airport?
Spirit does not fly in or out of Pearson Airport. Instead, Canadian travellers who wish to use Spirit Airlines must fly out of the main terminal of the Niagara Falls International Airport or the Plattsburgh International Airport.

•What airlines does Spirit partner with?
Spirit does not partner with any other airlines.

•Does Spirit Airlines have WiFi?
Spirit does not currently offer WiFi.

•What is Spirit Airlines’ phone number?
The number for reservations is 801-401-2200.

•How does Spirit’s seating work?
Passengers can opt for a free random seat assignment. However, groups that book together are not guaranteed to be seated near each other. Alternatively, travellers can purchase a standard seat assignment for an additional fee ranging from $1-$50. Big Front Seats provide more legroom, and they can be obtained for an extra $12-$150.

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