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India is a colourful and vibrant country with endless things to see and do. It is the largest country in the Indian subcontinent and shares borders with Pakistan to the West, China and Nepal to the North and Bangladesh to the East, meaning it is influenced by many diverse and unique cultures. Cheap flights to India give you a chance to explore a completely new world. India is truly a life-changing place to experience.

The mixture of traditional Indian culture, with women wearing their colourful saris as they go about their daily routines, contrasted with modern western influences makes India a fascinating place to visit. As Delhi becomes a more popular tourist destination, flights to India become more plentiful, and there are some excellent offers available all year round.

India is a huge country; to experience it in its entirety takes many visits, and the cultural and geographic differences in parts of the country are notable. Take a cheap flight to the northern part of the country and explore the Himalayan region, including Dharamsala, the legendary home of the Dalai Lama. Or, head farther south and experience the Plains region to get an entirely different taste of India. Popular tourist attractions include the Golden Temple at Amritsar, and the Taj Mahal at Agra, one of the most iconic buildings in the world.

Take a cheap flight to the western parts of India and visit the amazing city of Mumbai, the home of Bollywood, where countless films are made each year. For those who love the sun, southern Goa is the region of choice thanks to its stunning beaches. The city of Pune is famous for its cultural attractions, superb restaurants serving local cuisine and its fantastic scenery. The southern part of India offers excitement for divers with its clear waters, while the rural expanse of eastern India boasts a chance to experience untouched India first hand. Cheap flights to India are popular with visitors who return year after year, having been touched by the sheer wonder of one of the world’s most friendly and fascinating countries.

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