QUIZ: What tops a Canadian traveller’s bucket list?

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There are so many wonderful adventures to be had in the world – from hiking through Banff National Park to raising a stein at Oktoberfest to scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef  how do you choose? For many people, travel choice is based on price (and if you want to find a good price on flights, Cheapflights.ca can help you there). For others, travel choice might be based on a travel bucket list; all the things you hope to accomplish and all the places you hope to see in your lifetime. While there are plenty of great things to do abroad, there are also trips of a lifetime to take right in our own backyard. So we’ve compiled a quiz full of bucket list topping trips so you can see where your list stacks up against other Canadian travellers (and so you can be inspired to add to your own list).

How does the quiz work? Simply swipe right or click the thumbs up if an option is on your personal travel bucket list, or swipe left or click the thumbs down if it’s not a trip you plan on making. At the end of the quiz, you can see how your peers have voted.

Is there anything we missed? Let us know what’s on the very top of your travel bucket list and then head to Cheapflights.ca to start planning your dream vacation.

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