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Contact details


Allegiant does not maintain a customer-contact telephone line, and the company does not publish any internal phone numbers.


Send an email:

Mailing Address:
Allegiant Travel Company
ATTN: Customer Relations
8360 S Durango Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89113

You can find Allegiant Air on several of the most popular social media websites:


Mobile Airline Apps:

iPhone App:Link to App
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Allegiant Air Check-in

Allegiant offers online check-in; passengers can check in up to 24 hours before their departure time. At the time of check-in, customers will be able to verify seating assignments and make arrangements for any checked luggage. Passengers can also check in at the airport, but Allegiant recommends its online check-in option.

Flight Status Information: 

Departure/Arrival Flight Status
Flight Status Alerts
Travel Advisories

Allegiant Air baggage allowance

Passengers are allowed one personal item, such as a backpack or laptop case, at no cost. Passengers may also bring aboard one carry-on bag, such as a small suitcase, for $10 to $75. Passengers may also check bags for $14.99 to $35 per bag; additional charges will apply for large or overweight bags. To receive the lowest possible bag fees, passengers must pay the fees in advance.

Allegiant Air legroom

There are regular seats and giant seats available on most Allegaint aircraft. Giant seats are more common for longer flights. The giant seats are 25 inches across instead of the regular seats, which measure 17.5 inches. In addition to this, they offer 34 inches of space between seat rows, and regular seats are spaced 30 inches apart. This does not mean there is 30 or 34 inches of leg room. This is the measurement of the front side of the seat to the back of the seat in front of that one. Passengers who are wider than the seat’s width measurement will need to purchase an additional spot if they cannot use the seat belt with an extender or if they cannot raise and lower the armrests due to their girth.

Pre-arranged seating

Seats are assigned based on check-in time, but passengers can select a seat when they purchase their tickets by paying an additional fee.

Passenger change details

After a ticket has been purchased, the buyer has up to 24 hours to cancel it and receive a refund. Changes can be made for a fee, but customers must do this within one week of the departure date. Fees depend on the type of change made, but customers can visit for full details. People who book their flights with a debit card will also receive a discount.

Child fares

Children two years of age or younger who will be sitting on an adult’s lap may fly free. If a child is over the age of two, an additional seat must be purchased. Kids who are 15 or older may fly without an adult, but they will not be allowed on flights with weather advisories. Kids under the age of 15 must be accompanied by someone who is 15 or older. Children under the age of 18 must have a birth certificate or identification card showing their birth date.

Senior fares

There are no senior discounts offered by Allegiant Air. Travelers With Disabilities: Allegiant Air does not guarantee an allergen-free environment or a flight free of peanut dust. No flights are equipped to carry medical oxygen, so people who always require compressed oxygen should not fly with Allegiant. Passengers who are disabled and need special assistance can call the Customer Service line for Allegiant to request help in advance. There are no fees for bringing medical equipment such as canes, wheelchairs or walkers on board.


Only service pets are allowed on flights to and from Hawaii, but the Hawaii Department of Agriculture has strict rules for this. Passengers traveling to Hawaii with a service dog for the first time should review those rules. On all other flights within the contiguous 48 American states, there is a $100 one-way fee to travel with pets in the cabin. Passengers may be able to bring up to two pet carriers when booking in advance and calling the customer service line. Maximum measurements are 9 in. x 16 in. x 19 in., and the animal must be able to turn and move in the carrier. There is a maximum of two pet carriers allowed per row, and people traveling with carriers cannot sit in exit rows. Fees must be paid at the time of booking.

In-flight service

There are a variety of alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and other beverages on Allegiant flights. There are also several snack options. The choices for Hawaii flights differ, but all menu information can be found here: Cigarettes, chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes are not allowed on any flights. There are no in-flight entertainment options, but passengers can use their laptops and approved electronic devices when instructed.

Air miles

Allegiant does not participate in or offer any mileage programs, but Allegiant Airlines executives said the company hopes to launch a loyalty program in 2014 in the form of a credit card affiliation. Unlike many big-name airlines that offer sky miles and other perks, Allegiant’s main advantage is that it offers cost-efficient flights all of the time. There are several hotels and rental car companies that are partners and affiliates of Allegiant Air.

Hotel partners:
Rental car partners:

Airline food link

Check out the airline’s menu before your flight takes off so you can decide if you need to bring along any extras. A full snack menu is available at the airline’s website.

In-flight magazine


Airline alliances

Allegiant does not currently partner with any other airlines.

Airline overview

Allegiant Air is owned by Allegiant Travel Company of Las Vegas, Nevada. The airline serves over 100 cities with major hubs in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Honolulu and Orlando.

After launching in the late 1990s, WestJet Express eventually became Allegiant Air. Canadians looking for affordable flights to popular destination cities in the United States will find this airline efficient. Prices are often notably lower than many other popular carriers. The following is important information to know when considering using this airline.

Please note that Cheapflights does not list any Allegiant Air flights or vacations. The only place you can book an Allegiant Air flight or vacation is through their telephone number or website listed above.

Allegiant Air FAQs:

Q: What is Allegiant Air’s phone number?
A: The consumer line is +1 702-505-8888.

Q: Does Allegiant Air fly to Las Vegas?
A: Yes.

Q: How much does Allegiant Air charge for baggage?
A: When adding bags during initial booking online, the checked bag fee is up to $35. When adding bags after booking but before airport arrival, the fee is between $15 and $43 depending on size. Bags checked at the airport are $50 each way for the first two bags. A third bag would cost $100. Passengers are allowed one personal item free on board, but it must fit under their seat.

Q: Where can I find a list of all Allegiant Air destinations?
A: A list of destinations can be found at

Q: What is Allegiant Air’s check in policy?
A: Passengers may check in online up to 24 hours prior to departure, but online check in ends 60 minutes before departure.

For answers to any other questions, please see Allegiant’s FAQ page at:

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

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