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You may think that nothing exciting ever happens during Easter. After all, most of us plan basic Easter activities such as decorating pretty coloured eggs and watching hopping bunnies. But you’ll find that some of the best tourist destinations are much more affordable during this time of year thanks to Easter travel deals. You’ll enjoy the best value for your hard-earned vacation dollars when you travel to Toronto, Europe or Australia.


Toronto, Ontario is the place to be for Canadians who are looking to get away on a budget. Toronto is a great family-friendly destination for the Easter holiday. Many Easter travel deals in Toronto include coupons, discounts or special promotions for attractions, businesses and restaurants. Enjoy some Easter bargains at the Bay Department Store and Eaton Centre on Good Friday and Easter. See the Easter parade on Queen Street. Take your dog for an Easter egg hunt. Join a traditional 19th-century Easter celebration at Colborne Lodge. Learn old-time Ukrainian Easter egg decorating methods at Todmorden Mills. Indulge in a traditional Easter dinner at a fine restaurant. And above all else, have fun!


In Europe, Easter is an event that rivals Christmas. From food and family, fireworks and floats, Europe is ablaze with Easter celebrations. For many, it means games, candy, feasting, and of course the Easter Bunny. Each of the cultures represented in Europe pay homage to the holiday in their own unique way. European Easter travel deals put you in the centre of it all. See the Morris Dancers in Britain. Join the Easter revelry in Prague where girls and boys engage in a number of traditional activities such as braiding pussy willow twigs, splashing buckets of water onto each other and painting eggs. With so much to see and do, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth when you take advantage of Easter travel deals to Europe.


Competition between airlines and discount travel agents have grown fierce over the last few years – which is ideal for Canadian travellers looking for Easter travel deals. Because Australia is a popular tourist destination during the Easter holiday, it is important to book your vacation in advance. On the other hand, discount flights to Australia and last-minute vacation packages are often available through reputable travel agents. If you are one of the lucky few who have the opportunity to visit Australia during Easter you are in for a treat. Enjoy some unique Australian Easter traditions such as “Pancake Day,” hot cross buns, the Easter Bilby and the Blessing of the Fleet. Easter in Australia is a four-day event, starting on Friday and ending the day following Easter Sunday.   Featured image: Jarrod Trainque

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