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Located on the Western coast of Africa, Nigeria is a fascinating, unusual destination. It is also one that has been embroiled in years of civil war and sectarian conflict between the 250 Nigerian tribes. As a result, only the hardiest of tourists arrive on flights to Nigeria to explore the country. This is a great shame, for Nigeria is an extremely diverse destination with some amazing attractions. In the southeast are the Obudu Hills, which give way to beaches along the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. In the middle and southwest of the country are rainforest, the Lagos estuary and savannah. The Sahel melts into the Sahara in the north.

Lagos is the largest city and arrival point for most flights to Nigeria, but no longer the capital. Most visitors spend some time here, acclimatizing to the surroundings.

If you are planning on booking a flight to Nigeria, be aware that the current travel advice from the government is to avoid all but non-essential travel to Nigeria.

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