Top 5 things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble

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If you’re going to Las VegasNevada and you don’t want to gamble, or you’re in interested in what else Sin City has to offer, you’re in luck. There’s plenty to do in Vegas that doesn’t involve casinos. Here are our list of top five non-gambling activities to check out.

Take a day trip to the Grand Canyon

Top 5 things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble
Grand Canyon (Image: Moyan Brenn)

If you’re going to be in Las Vegas for a few days, make time to take a day trip to see the Grand Canyon. The awe-inspiring wonder of the world will wow you, and you’ll be glad you made the trek. There are numerous tour companies offering day trips at various price points so ask around for recommendations. You can also rent a car and drive if you want to go the DIY route.

Visit Hoover Dam

Top 5 things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble
Hoover Dam (Image: Ralph Arvesen)

The Hoover Dam is the largest concrete dam in the Western Hemisphere, standing at a height of 221 metres. You can take tours of the dam to learn more about its history and function, and take in the views from the observation deck. In addition, the Mike O’ Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, completed in 2010 to reroute heavy traffic away from the dam, is a must-see in its own right. The bridge spans 579 metres across and is the seventh highest bridge in the world.

Check out the Mob Museum

Top 5 things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble
Mob Museum (Image: Catherine Snodgrass)

Las Vegas is known for its history of organized crime and the notorious battle between mobsters in the area and local law enforcement. If you’re interested in the role organized crime played in the history of Las Vegas, the Mob Museum is a great place to visit. One-of-a-kind artifacts and interactive museums take you inside the world of Vegas mobsters.

Take a hike

Top 5 things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble
Red Rock Canyon (Image: Frank Kovalchek)

If you enjoy the great outdoors and feel like getting some exercise and fresh air, head to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Here you’ll find amazing scenery, 19 hiking trails of various lengths and difficulty levels, rock climbing opportunities, a scenic drive you can experience in the car or on your bike, and many different species of plants and wildlife to see.

Go to Lake Mead

Top 5 things to do in Las Vegas besides gamble
Lake Mead (Image: OakleyOriginals)

A day at the beach in Las Vegas? If you didn’t think that was possible, then you haven’t been to Lake Mead. The sparking blue water and more than 1,000 km of shoreline are a mere 30 minutes from Las Vegas. Swim, lounge on the beach, kayak, go jet skiing, or take a paddle boat out. There are shower facilities on site, a picnic area and even a campground.

Lead photo: Moyan Brenn

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