Keep your resolutions: Give it up to get away

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With the New Year comes new resolutions and, while your intentions might start off good, week by week you may find it harder and harder to stick to your new plan. But Cheapflights is here to give you a little incentive. We’ve calculated the financial upside for giving up each top vice and converted it to something ever so nice: Travel!

According to our latest survey, we found that the top “give-up items” included smoking, drinking soda/soft drinks and eating takeout for dinner. We also discovered that 63 per cent of resolution makers stick with it through the end of January and 39 per cent keep going for months and months! With that kind of determination you can turn your willpower into wanderlust and may already be well on your way to saving up for your next trip!

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If you give up smoking for six months you will have put C$2,046 (on average) in your pocket, which could mean seven nights at a Turks and Caicos resort with flights. That seems like a pretty smokin’ deal to us! Give up this vice for a year and you are looking at a 12-night Fiji and Australia getaway, with flights and hotels.

Find out where else you can go when you stick to your guns on those resolutions. You’ll be rewarded with a very sweet prize: some extra cash to travel!

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