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Contact details


Customer services: 0871 244 2366 (8am-8pm daily)


easyJet Check-in

Check-in should be completed two hours before departure. You must be ready to board 40 minutes before departure.

easyJet baggage allowance

Passengers who pay for a hold bag may take up to 20 kg of luggage. This weight limit is a passenger limit, which means you can have multiple bags as long as the total weight of those bags does not exceed 20 kg. Those who wish to carry more will need to purchase an extra weight allowance. Travellers flying together may share a weight allowance, so two passengers will have 40 kg to use between their bags in any configuration. The maximum weight allowance for any bag is 32 kg, and if you have more than one carry-on, you will need to pay to store it in the hold.

easyJet legroom

At 29 inches, easyJet has one of the lowest seat pitch figures in the industry.

Pre-arranged seating

None, but travellers with small children, disabled passengers and passengers requiring special assistance may board first.

Passenger change details

Per easyJet’s Terms of Service, most fares are non-refundable. If you cancel within 24 hours of the booking, you may receive a refund but will be subject to cancellation fees. Exceptional circumstances may allow for a refund at the airline’s discretion.

Child fares

Infants are eligible for a fare reduction, but all children over the age of two must use the adult fare.

Senior fares

There are no discounts available for senior citizens.


While easyJet does not allow pets, service animals may accompany passengers out of specific airports but are restricted to certain destinations. Check with the airline for details.

In-flight service

To keep costs low, easyJet does not offer complimentary snack services. Passengers wishing to dine may purchase a snack from the crew. In addition to food and alcohol, EasyJet also sells fragrances, cosmetics and gifts along with tickets for transportation. The airline sells headphones and copies of Hello, The Sunday Times and The Times.

Air miles


Airline food link

Soup, sandwiches, muffins and snacks may be purchased for a small fee. Menu deals pair coffee, juice and water with sandwiches and snacks for a reduced price.

In-flight magazine

The airline’s magazine is available for flyers.

Airline alliances


Airline overview

easyJet Airline Company Ltd. is the largest airline in the U.K. Founded in 1995, the company has changed hands several times. easyJet is a low-cost carrier that operates with more than 200 aircrafts and uses the same business model as Ryanair and Southwest Airlines. The company employs a fleet of Airbus models and has been working on its own airliner, EcoJet, since 2007. EcoJet’s lightweight frame, improved engines and thin polymer work together to eliminate drag and increase fuel economy. The new design will save the airline an estimated one to two percent per year, which should trickle down to the passenger in the form of reduced ticket prices.

The company services more than 600 routes. Its largest hubs are in England, and its most popular routes are in Europe and Northern Africa.

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

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