Dos and don’ts of planning a honeymoon

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Planning a honeymoon can be stressful, especially amidst all of your pre- and post-wedding to-dos and obligations. Make sure your honeymoon runs smoothly, and perfectly caps off your nuptials with our list of planning dos and don’ts.

Do set a budget

Dos and don'ts of planning a honeymoon
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It can be very easy to go overboard when it comes to honeymoon spending, but it’s important to stay within the realm of what you can afford. The last thing you need is to get back from a week of post-wedding bliss and become immediately stressed out about paying off your vacation. Take a look at what you know you can afford, set a range and do your best to book your flight and accommodations within that range.

Don’t let one person do all the planning

A honeymoon involves two people, and those same two people should plan together. Even if one person makes the final bookings, the research about where to go, where to stay, what type of vacation you want (active, relaxing, etc.) should be done as a couple. That way no one is disappointed with the trip, and you can build your dream vacation together.

Do plan in advance

Dos and don'ts of planning a honeymoon
Planning (Image: fotologic)

A last-minute trip doesn’t exactly scream “romance” and as exciting as a wedding is, you’ll likely be exhausted after months of prep and planning once the big day is over. So rather than wait to plan and book your  honeymoon after the wedding, think about at least doing the research before you tie the knot so you know where you’ll be going, how much it will cost and when you want to book for.

Don’t give in to outside influences

Maybe your sister and her husband had a blast honeymooning in Jamaica and think you will, too, or you mom really wants you to combine your honeymoon in the Greek islands with a side trip to see relatives in Athens, but keep in mind that this is your trip. Letting outside pressure influence your decision on where to go can make for a less-than-ideal experience. Listen to suggestions, but don’t feel pressured to act on them.

Do go somewhere you both want to see

Dos and don'ts of planning a honeymoon
Couple walking (Image: Natesh Ramasamy)

Even if one of you naturally acquiesces to the other in most decisions, make a conscious effort to come up with a honeymoon destination that you’re both excited about. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to go, make individual top 10 lists of places you’ve always wanted to go, or are curious about. Then, compare lists and see if you have any matches. If that doesn’t work, focus instead on what you’re both interested in, i.e. food and wine, beaches, hiking, etc. and choose a spot based on your interests.

Don’t travel a long distance if you don’t have time

Flying countless hours to get to the Maldives or Fiji when you only have five days to honeymoon doesn’t makes the most sense (unless your heart is set on it). Otherwise, you’ll spend more time dealing with jet-lag than actually enjoying your honeymoon. Plan your honeymoon based on how much time you have. If Fiji isn’t in the cards this time, start saving for a future trip and go someplace closer for your honeymoon.

Do relax, unwind and celebrate

Dos and don'ts of planning a honeymoon
Couple on a beach (Image: Ahmed Sinan)

You’ve just spent months planning a wedding, sending out invitations, writing thank-you cards and going to countless events leading up to the big day. Now is the time to forget about what you need to do once you get home, and just spend quality time with each other. No stress, no worries, just a week (or more) doing what you love, with the person you just married.

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