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US Airways Check-in

Online check-in is available starting 24 hours before departure. While confirming the flight, passengers can print out boarding passes and pay for the bags they intend to check. During the check-in process, airline guests can select their seats. Passengers can also check in at the airport, but they should make sure to allow enough time for processing.

US Airways baggage allowance

For domestic flights, US Airways charges passengers a fee for checked bags. The fee also applies for flights to Canada, Latin America, Bermuda, South America and the Caribbean. The airline waives the checked bag fee for flights to Brazil as well as transatlantic and transpacific flights. Passengers may bring one carry-on bag and one personal item aboard the airplane without paying any fees.

US Airways legroom

Seat pitch: 79-81cm

Pre-arranged seating

Can be booked online or at check-in.

Passenger change details

When passengers purchase refundable tickets, they may request a cancellation or a travel date change via the airline’s reservation line.

Child fares

Parents can fly domestically with a child at no additional cost if the child will be sitting on a parent’s lap. However, the airline charges 10 per cent of the adult fare for lap-riding children who are flying to international locations. When a child is sitting in his or her own seat, then the fare is the same cost as it is for an adult ticket.

Senior fares

Discounts for travellers aged 62 and older have recently been phased out and replaced with the AARP savers discount program.


The airline allows passengers to transport small dogs, cats and birds in the cabin. However, US Airways no longer allows pets to travel in the cargo area.

In-flight service

Once the airplane is on its way, passengers can enjoy an in-flight snack or meal. Keep in mind the airline charges between $4.50 and $8.50 for its dining selections. However, US Airways still provides soft drinks and water at no extra cost. Passengers may also bring their own food onto the airplane. The airline offers a variety of entertainment options including movies, television shows and audio programs. Guests also have access to the company’s in-flight magazine as well as its shopping catalog.  WiFi is available on some flights.

Air miles

Consumers can sign up for the airline’s Dividend Miles program. Once they become a member, they will receive points for their travel, retail and gas purchases, which can be converted to travel rewards.

Airline food link

Visit US Airways’ website to see its meal plan, or see photographs taken by fellow flyers of meals they’ve been served and read reviews at

In-flight magazine

US Airways Magazine is published monthly and is available on every flight. Read a preview online.

Airline alliances

US Airways is a member of the Star Alliance.

Airline overview

US Airways is a major provider of air travel. The airline transports passengers all over the world with its large fleet of 346 mainline aircraft and 285 regional jet and turbo-prop airplanes.

US Airways began as the All American Aviation Company, which the Du Pont brothers started with Steven Gardener. Company owners set up the airline’s first headquarters in Pittsburgh where it began transporting mail for people living in the Ohio River valley in 1939. In 1949, All American Aviation changed its name to All American Airways. At that time, the airline began transporting passengers. In 1996, the company became US Airways.

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