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July Travel Deals

Waiting until the last minute to book your summer vacation? You’re not alone. Thousands of Americans are scouring the Internet at this moment, looking for July travel deals and end-of-summer savings. Though airfare is high and gas prices are steep, last minute July travel deals are still out there for the taking. The key: knowing where to look for both airfare deals and savings once you’ve arrived at your summer destination. Consider these penny-pinching spots before you search and compare cheap flights.

Portland, Maine
New England is always spectacular in the summer, but it’s especially wonderful when Maine lobster and charming seaside towns are involved. Those living in northeastern states should consider road tripping it to Portland, Maine’s capital, to avoid costly airfare. Once you’ve arrived – by car, plane or boat – pack your itinerary with activities, like sightseeing trips to lighthouses, that won’t break the bank. Stroll through Old Port, a European-feeling district of cobblestone streets, shops and cafes, or take a lobster cruise and learn what it’s like to catch oh-so-tasty crustaceans with nothing more than a trap and your bare hands.

It seems nowadays like every airline is offering cheap airfare to the Bahamas, which makes finding July travel deals to the Atlantic archipelago a breeze. If you’re into all-inclusive resorts – which can save you big – stick to Paradise Island, and put your feet up at the behemoth Atlantis resort. If you’re looking for a lower-key excursion, consider a chartered boating trip through the Exuma islands, a district of the Bahamas that’s magnificent and – as it should be – pristine. Fly into Georgetown on Great Exuma and explore the tiny town before setting sail. Then hike nearby islands, snorkel surrounding seas and explore the cultural wonders that only the Bahamas can offer.

Victoria, British Columbia
Cutting the cost of a trip starts with dodging transportation fees at your chosen destination. Bike-friendly cities like Victoria, British Columbia, encourage visitors to skip the massive lines at car rental agencies – and the hefty fees involved with renting a vehicle. Push your pedals around British Columbia’s capital and stop by The Butchart Gardens, a massive limestone quarry-turned-garden, and the Inner Harbour, a hub for local artists and musicians. Once you’ve tired of your 10-speed, spend a morning whale watching and afternoon wine tasting. With so many inexpensive things to do, there’s no reason why Victoria shouldn’t be at the top of your list of places to go this summer.

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