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Contact details


For information, call +1 800-777-3999 or TTY +1 888-320-1576.


Emirates Check-in

Passengers may begin checking in 24 hours prior to departure. Check in closes 90 minutes prior to departure. Passengers must be through security no later than 60 minutes prior to departure and to the gate no later than 20 minutes prior to departure. Boarding begins 45 minutes before the flight’s scheduled departure.

Emirates baggage allowance

Passengers may bring one carry-on item aboard that does not exceed the following dimensions: 55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm and 7 kg. First and business class passengers may carry one item of carry-on luggage plus a briefcase, handbag or garment bag. First and business class passengers are limited to two items.

Passengers travelling from North America may store up to two bags in the hold at the following dimensions: 23 kg for economy class and 32 kg for first and business classes. When travelling outside North and South America weight limits of 30 kg for economy, 40 kg for business class and 50 kg for first class apply.

Emirates legroom

Seat pitch: 79-86cm.

Pre-arranged seating

Passengers can select their seats via the Manage a Booking page provided they booked their flights online. Passengers travelling with small children and infants as well as First and Business-Class fliers and Skywards members can also select their own seats. Some things can be changed via the Manage a Booking page. These include contact details, requested seats and frequent flier number. For other changes, passengers should contact their local Emirates office. There may be fees associated with making changes to the ticket.

Passenger change details

Call the Emirates office to make changes to bookings. An administrative fee will apply, plus any difference in the cost of the new ticket. Name changes are not permitted.

Child fares

Infants travelling on an adult’s lap are charged 15 per cent of the adult fare. Children travelling in a seat are charged 20 per cent of the adult fare.

Senior fares

There are no discounts available for senior citizens.


Neither pets nor service animals are allowed to travel inside the cabin. Animals may travel in the hold only in select destinations. Contact the airline for specific details.

Carrying musical instruments

There are three ways of transporting musical instruments: as checked baggage (part of the baggage allowance), as cabin baggage (part of the allowance) or as cabin baggage on an unoccupied seat. Passengers may have to buy a seat for the musical instrument if it is too big or too heavy.

In-flight service

Emirates offers “ice” – information, communications, entertainment – as its entertainment option, allowing passengers to browse through Airshow, a channel dedicated to real-time weather and flight events, BBC news and on-board cameras for information. External and internal phone calls and SMS are available. The entertainment system features access to more than 1,200 channels of movies, shows, music and games.

Air miles

Emirates’ frequent flier program is Skywards.

Airline food link

Economy passengers have access to complimentary aperitifs, spirits, wines and beers. On long-haul flights, lunch and dinner are provided. These meals feature a starter, salad, choice of two mains, dessert, after-dinner snacks and coffee. Business class includes offerings from award-winning chefs with the health-conscious in mind. Lunches and dinners are five courses and include wine and cheese trays. First class passengers enjoy seven courses preceded by hot canapés.

In-flight magazine

Emirates’ in-flight magazine, Open Skies, is available on every flight.

Airline alliances

Emirates considered joining Star Alliance but has cited autonomy as its reason for avoiding any of the alliance programs.

Airline overview

Founded in 1985 in Dubai, Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East. The airline offers four out of 10 of the world’s longest non-stop flights: Dubai to Los Angeles, Dubai to San Francisco, Dubai to Dallas and Dubai to Houston. The government of Dubai owns the airline, which employs around 50,000 people. The fleet consists of 191 aircraft with 192 more on order. All aircraft are Airbus or Boeing models, and the airline boasts the world’s largest seating capacity for its international passengers. Emirates is one of the world’s largest airlines in terms of revenue and traffic, and it’s known for its dedication to high levels of service while still operating at a profit.

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