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Reservations: 800-221-1212 (24/7)


Delta Air Lines Check-in

Delta provides multiple check-in options for its passengers. Travellers can check in online within 24 hours of departure, or  use a smartphone app to get a digital boarding pass. Passengers can also use airport kiosks to check in before their flights.

Delta Air Lines baggage allowance

Passengers can bring one carry-on item and one personal item on each Delta flight. For travel within the United States and Canada, Delta charges a $25 fee for the first checked bag. Passengers must pay $35 for a second bag. Members of certain tiers of Delta’s loyalty program, however, can check their first bag for free.

Delta Air Lines legroom

Economy travellers who want more legroom during their flights can pay to upgrade to an Economy Comfort seat. These seats give weary passengers an additional four inches of legroom.

Pre-arranged seating

Passengers can select their own seats on Delta flights during the purchasing process. Seats can be changed later through Delta’s website.

Passenger change details

If a passenger purchases refundable tickets, Delta will not charge additional fees if he or she changes flight details. Passengers with non-refundable tickets will have to pay $150 to change their tickets. Additionally, passengers must also pay the difference in cost between the two tickets.

The ability to change passenger information depends on the type of ticket purchased. Tickets are either refundable or non-refundable. In general, the cheapest tickets are non-refundable. To make a change to your itinerary – if you are flying with Delta, Delta Connection, or Delta Shuttle – visit, then Itineraries and select Edit Itinerary. If you are flying with a partner airline, contact Delta directly. Change fees range from $150 for travel within the US to $250 for travel outside the US.

Child fares

Children younger than two fly free on Delta flights. Unless there is an extra seat available before the flight leaves, the child will need to stay on a parent’s lap.

Senior fares

Senior citizen discounts are only available by talking directly to a Delta representative on the phone. These discounts are only available in a few select international markets.


Delta offers several options for travelling pets. For most destinations, cats, dogs and birds can travel with their owners in the cabin if the owner pays a fee. On certain flights, however, pets must travel as cargo.

Carrying musical instruments

Standard baggage allowances apply. A seat may be purchased to carry a large or fragile instrument – in accordance with Delta’s regulations – instead of checking it.

In-flight service

The amenities on each Delta flight vary based on the flight’s length, but travellers can expect some basic perks. Even short flights include complimentary drinks and snacks, such as pretzels. For a fee, passengers can use wireless Internet on flights in the United States.

Air miles

Delta operates the SkyMiles program to reward frequent customers of the airline. Travellers can accumulate points by flying on Delta or making purchases with Delta co-branded credit cards. Points can be used to buy tickets, seat upgrades and luxury products. The points that customers accumulate do not expire.

Airline food link

Travellers on flights more than three hours long can purchase a meal. The price of each meal option ranges from $4.99 to $9.99. Fruit and cheese plates are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Other popular options include sandwiches and granola parfaits.

In-flight magazine

Passengers can find the Delta Sky magazine in each seat pocket. This magazine focuses on travel and includes profiles of destinations around the world.

Airline alliances

Delta is one of the original founders of the SkyTeam airline alliance. SkyTeam comprises 19 carriers across five continents. Members of this group include Air France, Korean Air and China Airlines.

Airline overview

Delta Air Lines began as an aerial crop dusting operation in 1924. At the time, the small company operated solely in the state of Georgia in the United States. In 1929, the company expanded and began to offer passenger air travel for one person per flight. By the 1960s, Delta had acquired other airlines and was on track to start providing flights all over the world. Today, Delta operates more than 5,000 daily flights and has routes throughout every populated continent.

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