Cathay Pacific

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Contact details


Toronto: 1 (800) 268-6868 (6am-5:30pm PST Monday to Friday and 6am-4pm on Saturdays). Vancouver: 1(604) 606-8888 (6am-5:30pm PST Monday to Friday and 6am-4pm on Saturdays)


Cathay Pacific Check-in

Passengers can use the airline’s website to check in for their flight up to 48 hours before the aircraft’s scheduled departure time. While completing the check in process, travellers can choose seats and add a frequent flyer number to earn miles. Once passengers have confirmed they’ll be flying with Cathay Pacific, they can print a boarding pass or upload it to their smartphone. Passengers may also confirm their flight at the airport through one of the company’s check-in kiosks.

Cathay Pacific baggage allowance

Passengers may bring one carry-on bag onto a Cathay Pacific airplane. In addition, the airline allows guests to check bags, but the number of bags they can check and the weight of each bag will depend on the flight’s destination and the passenger’s ticket. For instance, travellers flying to North America can check up to two bags. Furthermore, when passengers are flying business class, their checked bags can weigh up to 70 pounds while the luggage for economy passengers can weigh up to 50 pounds.

Cathay Pacific legroom

Seat pitch: 81cm

Pre-arranged seating

Available by using online check-in. Cathay Pacific travellers can also change their seats at check-in.

Passenger change details

When passengers reserve a ticket through the airline, they can change their flight plans or request a refund. For a refund or a flight change, contact the airline through the website or by calling the company’s reservation number.

Child fares

Child travellers who are 24 months or older must travel in their own seat. However, Cathay Pacific offers parents a child fare based on the destination. The child fare is available for children up to age 12.

Senior fares



Cathay Pacific will ship pets in an airplane’s cargo area. However, pet owners must review their travel destination’s regulations to confirm that pets are permitted to enter the country as checked baggage.

Carrying musical instruments

Small musical instruments with a maximum dimension of 78cm x 25cm x 15cm and can’t weigh more than 15kg can be carried on board. Other instruments exceed the limits can travel as checked baggage. You may also purchase a seat for your instrument.

In-flight service

Cathay Pacific airplanes feature large seating areas for first class passengers. In addition, first class dining allows travellers to select their meal. First class entertainment options include personal televisions with noise cancelling headphones as well as audio and video programming. Travellers with a tight travel budget may consider buying a premium economy seat as the section also provides extra space. Furthermore, premium economy features added benefits such as extra snacks during the flight along with champagne and an amenity kit, which contains a pillow, eyeshade and toothbrush. Entertainment in premium economy includes an in-flight entertainment system with audio and video programming.

Air miles

The airline company’s miles program is called the Asia Miles plan, which is a credit card that allows consumers to earn miles based on card use. For instance, cardholders will earn miles when they fly, shop and rent cars.

Airline food link

Check out the airline’s menu before you fly so you can decide if you need to bring extra snacks. See photographs taken by fellow flyers of meals they’ve been served and read reviews at

In-flight magazine

All passengers have access to the airline’s in-flight magazine (Discovery) and shopping catalog.

Airline alliances

In 1999, Cathay Pacific co-founded the Oneworld Alliance.

Airline overview

Cathay Pacific Airlines is Hong Kong’s main air transportation company. The airline’s central hub and headquarters are located at Hong Kong International Airport. Furthermore, Cathay Pacific offers air travellers service to 168 destinations in 42 countries around the world. The airline’s most popular destinations are Bangkok and Taipei.

Roy Farrell and Sydney de Kantzow started Cathay Pacific Airlines in 1946. The partners were ex-pilots who had once flown over the Himalayan Mountains as part of their route. Therefore, they saw potential for an airline company. Cathay Pacific expanded during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s as it began offering international flights to Japan, Vancouver and San Francisco.

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