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Business Class Flights

What should you expect in a business class flight? Space and luxury.

Business class flights are a half-way point between economy and first class seating, so you get the luxury of the latter without the restraints of the former. This second-tier travel cabin is sometimes considered the highest level of service, and are mostly available on long-haul flights both domestically and internationally. The first business class flight appeared through Qantas Airlines in 1979, and have since become more popular among larger airlines around the world.

Business Class Flights Benefits

When you choose a business class flight, you’re selecting a much roomier ride. Most offer cradle seats with a 160-degree decline, some offer angled lie-flat beds, which recline 180-degrees, and other business class flights supply fully-flat sleepers with optimum comfort. At the very least, you should expect a larger seat pitch, more leg room, and complimentary alcoholic beverages and high quality menu options when you take a business class flight.

Low-cost carriers like JetBlue don’t offer business class flights, but larger commercial carriers generally do.

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