Airline flight trackers

Airline Flight Trackers

Real-Time Flight Information

Flight trackers are online tools that allow you to check the status of a particular flight from different Canadian and international carriers, so you can see real-time flight information. Many airlines also provide flight tracking features on their websites.

They’re easy to use and can save you time, money and aggravation. Consulting these trackers can alert you to significant delays or even flight cancellations and you can plan accordingly: no unnecessary waiting at the airport for departures or pick-ups; no extra parking fees; no stranded loved ones.

Track Your Flights

Choose from the free flight trackers listed below or type “flight tracker” into Google or another search engine. Then enter basic information, such as the airline name, date, and flight number. You might also have to enter the airport code. The current status of the flight will appear and you can alter your travel plans as needed.

Independent Flight Trackers

Airline’s Flight Trackers

Many of the larger airlines have flight trackers on their websites for the flights they operate. Try the following:

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