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 How much do things cost in Estonia?

  • Bottle of local beer (0.5 litre): C$1.33
  • Pack of Marlboro cigarettes: C$4.69
  • Cheap meal: C$8.53
  • 3 bedroom apartment downtown: C$933.98, with a price range between C$640.04 and C$1137.84
  • 1 bedroom apartment downtown: C$615.14, with a price range between C$497.80 and C$711.15
  • Cinema ticket: C$8.53
  • Bottle of beer (imported beer): C$1.68
  • Cappuccino: C$3.09
  • Bottle of wine: C$8.53, with a price range between C$5.93 and C$11.38
  • 1 hour taxi waiting fee: C$17.07