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When to fly

The best time to visit Stuttgart is during the peak travel season which runs from May to October. Many people visit Stuttgart during this time of year to catch the warmer weather and nonstop procession of festivals which keep the city abuzz all season long, so it can be a challenge to find cheap flights to Stuttgart at this time. A wide range of events take place during this time, including Stuttgart Jazz Open in July and the Stuttgart Beer Festival in September, which is one of the most famous events in the city. Stuttgart Beer Festival attracts floods of international visitors to the city each year with its bear tents that can hold up to 5000 people each, fairground rides and unlimited food, and is an absolute must for any beer-loving visitors. Another huge event in Stuttgart is Volksfest, a three-week festival that is considered to be one of Europe’s biggest funfairs. Take a flight to Stuttgart during this festival to experience the array of enjoyable entertainment for locals and tourists found at Volksfest, including a variety of funfair rides and dancing and singing groups in traditional costume.

November through March brings lower temperatures to Stuttgart, especially in the coldest months of January and February. Fly to Stuttgart to see its world famous beautiful Christmas Market, which is the oldest and most traditional one in Germany, for four weeks preceding Christmas. The market is set in the heart of the town and brings together more than 280 charming stalls decorated with the perfect gifts for Christmas day.

The best time for visitors to book cheap flights to Stuttgart is during the shoulder season between March and April which does see increased rainfall, but travellers who don’t mind a little rain can enjoy mild temperatures at this time of year.

City overview

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like the hillside city of Stuttgart would be home to mega auto brands like Porsche and Mercedes Benz. Nor would one expect the thriving nightlife scene that rules the heart of this German city, but take a flight to Stuttgart to discover that there is more to the town than meets the eye.

There is no doubt that Stuttgart radiates a decidedly small-town feel. Here, the banks close for lunch. Many, if not most, shops close their doors on Sundays. Restaurants and stores may not even accept credit cards aside from MasterCards and Visas. But the absence of the fast-paced perks of a cosmopolitan city isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it can be quite far from it. This gives visitors a chance to explore the natural side of Stuttgart, like the many mineral springs and gardens found throughout the city.

Spatzle, knodel and beer are essentials when dining in the city and visitors will also have plenty of opportunities to try doner kebabs at any of the Turkish food stalls in Stuttgart. A wide selection of restaurants offers upscale and no-nonsense atmosphere with a range of international cuisines too.

Attractions topping the lists of visitors who fly to Stuttgart include the grand Schlossplatz town square, Neues Schloss (New Palace) and Schillerplatz square. Of course, one can’t leave Stuttgart without getting their fill of fast cars at the Mercedes Benz and Porsche Museums.

Getting around Stuttgart

Public transportation is well-integrated in Stuttgart, and travellers can generally use the local Stadtbahn and S-Bahn train systems with ease. An extensive public bus system is also available, and a travel ticket lets passengers transfer between trains and buses with ease. Walking is another option, as distances between popular destinations are generally not too far. Ample pedestrian zones, bridges and paths make it simple and safe to walk through the city. Taxis and rental cars are the most expensive ways to get around the city, but are options nonetheless. An added consideration to driving a rental car is the expense of parking spaces in the city. With public transportation both affordable and easy to navigate, this – in addition to walking – is typically how visitors get around Stuttgart.

Getting downtown

The city is best reached by taking a flight to Stuttgart International Airport (STR), which is located about 6 miles (10 km) south of the city centre. Transportation options between the airport and city are plentiful. Public transport options between the two destinations include the city bus and the municipal rail, which takes about half an hour to reach the city centre. Taxis are available, as are car rentals, but the S-Bahn train is a very convenient, not to mention a cheaper way to reach the city.

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Cheap meal
C$ 14.73
C$ 3.73
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C$ 8.10
Large bottle of water
C$ 0.44
Bottle of wine
C$ 7.36
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C$ 3.93
Petrol (1 litre)
C$ 2.04
How much does a beer cost in Stuttgart?
Bottle of beer (imported beer)
C$ 1
Local draught beer (0.5 litre)
C$ 4
Bottle of local beer (0.5 litre)
C$ 1
Imported beer (0.33 litre)
C$ 5

More information about Stuttgart

  • Discover the many architectural wonders to be found in the Main Square, or Schlossplatz, at the heart of the city
  • Why not save yourself a fortune by visiting the links above for the cheapest deals on return flights to Stuttgart?
  • Make plans to catch a performance or concert at the Apollo or Palladium Theatres, or the Schleyerhalle sports arena
  • Explore any of the five State Museums in Stuttgart and works by Monet, Rembrandt and Renoir that are housed in them
  • Fly direct into Stuttgart Airport just south of the city, and be at the centre in less than 30 minutes
  • Take a trip to Stuttgart’s Theodor-Heuss-Strasse and enjoy your evening in the vibrant bars and wine bars there
  • Have fun shopping along the Königstraße just south of the city centre, Germany’s longest pedestrianised street
  • Relax in Stuttgart’s Rosensteinpark and visit the animals at Wilhelma zoo and botanical gardens next door
  • Visit the city’s impressive and magnificent castles, including Castle Solitude, Hohenheim, and Ludwigsburg Palace
  • After a city break in one of Europe’s most beautiful and cultured cities? Then Stuttgart is ideal for you

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