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Swaziland overview

Swaziland is the smallest country in Africa, landlocked and bordered by South Africa and Mozambique. But the country’s size belies the large amount of attractions for tourists within its borders. On the flight to Swaziland, travellers have a sneak preview of the stunning mountains, rainforests and deserts of the country’s landscape. Once the flight touches down, set off to explore it all up-close.

There are a number of game reserves in the country, among them the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary and the Mkhaya Game Reserve. The latter is home to endangered species such as white and black rhino, elephants and antelope. But arguably the country’s most popular animal is the hippopotamus, still seen in many of the rivers of Swaziland. The country has a reputation not just for excellent wildlife spotting, but also for some of the friendliest people in Africa and the safest travel. Crime here is low, which makes a flight to Swaziland the beginning of one of the more relaxed holidays to be found in Africa.

Swaziland climate

The climate in Swaziland varies with the country’s altitude. The western mountains are wet, humid and often see severe thunderstorms. The country’s middle and lowlands are drier and the east is more tropical. The rainy season lasts from October to May.

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