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Praslin overview

The idyllic tropical island of Praslin is the second largest of the Seychelles and one of the most popular with visitors. Its main attraction is the surrounding coastline and miles of stunning coral reef, teeming with fish of every hue and shape. Travellers arrive from Praslin flights, cruise liners and yachts to enjoy the white sand beaches, explore the palm forests or scuba dive in the warm waters. The Valle de Mai, a primeval forest, was declared a Unesco world heritage site in 1983. The palm forest is the home of the coco de mer, a spectacular palm tree whose leaves can reach six metres wide and 14 metres long. The wildlife that inhabits the forest is just as rare, including three kinds of unique birds.

Flights to Praslin take a mere 15 minutes from Mahe with Air Seychelles. It’s also possible to arrive by boat, which takes approximately two hours, across the turquoise sea.

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When to fly to Praslin

Peak season:

The most popular time to visit Praslin is June to October.

Off season:

Cheap flights to Praslin and deals on hotel are most likely to be found between November and May. However, be aware that Praslin is an upmarket destination and the weather is good year-round... if you see a great deal, pounce on it immediately.

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Praslin insider information

  • See the renowned double coconuts (coco de mer) growing in the Valle De Mai, which is a tropical paradise for birds, animals and vegetation including vanilla plants.
  • Soak up the relaxed way of life as you lie under the coconut palms and gaze at the turquoise sea with a glass of your favourite rum drink in your hand. Try todi, a white coconut rum, for a change.
  • Snorkel, scuba dive or go out in a glass-bottom boat to see the extraordinary variety of fish swimming through the coral and the colourful shells. There about 800 varieties so you are sure to see your favourite and get to know new ones.

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