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The resort of Paleocastritsa (sometimes spelt Paleokastritsa) is one of the largest on the popular holiday island of Corfu. Situated on the west coast, the village has three beautiful bays and six different sand and pebble beaches, set among the hills of woodland, olive trees and lemon groves. According to ancient Greek mythology it was on one of these beaches that Nausicaa, the Phaeacian princess, found Odysseus. Holidaymakers book flights to Paleocastritsa to enjoy the crystal blue waters of the sea, hike in the hills or sightsee in the old village, with the 13th Century monastery, Panayia, its principal attraction, situated on the headland.

 Paleocastritsa has plenty of shops, bars, hotels and restaurants as well as the ubiquitous watersports on the beaches. Avid divers and keen beginners can take a dip in one of the many turquoise coves. Flights to Paleocastritsa arrive at Corfu International Airport, 16 miles away from the town.

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Paleocastritsa insider information

  • Lay your beach towel on any of the five fantastic beaches and you get the same turquoise sea, sand and rocky coves.
  • Take a little boat out into the bay to snorkel and explore the caves, and swim in the deeper water.
  • At night you can go by bus or taxi to Corfu Town for the nightlife, but the local tavernas will give you a more authentic feel of Greek life.

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