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Cheap Flights to Hong Kong

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Hong Kong overview

When to fly to Hong Kong

Peak season:

Hong Kong is a year-round destination, but most travelers book trips to Hong Kong in the fall and spring. There are certain times of year, such as Chinese New Year, when booking Hong Kong flights and accommodations will mean advance planning.

Off season:

Even in the winter months, Hong Kong’s weather is usually mild, so this can be a good time to visit and avoid crowds.


When your flight to Hong Kong arrives, you might be surprised. English is the official language, the dollar is the same, and skyscrapers and fancy McDonald’s grace the city landscape. If it looks like America, sounds like America and shops like America, it must be … Hong Kong? China’s major metropolis city is more “Americanized” than most of the country, but book a plane to Hong Kong and as soon as you step off the plane, the city's Asian influence is apparent. 

Hong Kong is fast becoming one of the most highly traveled tourist destinations in Asia, and the city is welcoming the traffic. In the past few years, luxury hotels, five-star restaurants and electrifying clubs and bars have emerged on the Hong Kong scene. While the economy is strong and Hong Kong continues to modernize its look and feel, the city stays true to its Asian roots. Book a cheap flight to Hong Kong and watch as the city transforms itself right in front of you. New highways, old roads and ancient monuments are being renovated on a daily basis, but are named in honor of Hong Kong’s parliament. 

Don’t let the changes taking place in this city deter you from booking trips to Hong Kong. Hop off your Hong Kong flight and walk outside to experience a bit of this city’s sophistication. From Chinese street performers to fortune tellers to Taoists, Hong Kong is a conglomerate of everything China embodies, with a little bit of the new world thrown in. 

Book a cheap flight to Hong Kong, and prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience.

Hong Kong climate

Hong Kong temperatures are mild in October and November, making the fall the best time to visit. It’s usually rainy and cold in January and February while it’s hot and extremely humidity from June to September. It can rain and be humid all year, and even in the summer you might want to bring warm clothes for the powerful air conditioning indoors.

Getting around Hong Kong

Public transportation is good in Hong Kong and getting around easy.

There are two types of trains, the Mass Transit Railway (MTR), which primarily runs underground and has six lines. This is fast and efficient and also connects the airport to downtown. Overground trains run on the Kowloon-Canton railway, which is mainly used by commuters.

The famous peak tram runs up The Peak, climbing 365 metres. A trip up here is a must for tourists to see the city laid-out at your feet. There are also commuter trams running along the north part of the island.

Many ferries run across the harbour and connect Hong Kong to China. This is one of the most pleasant ways to get around.

Hong Kong insider information

  • To escape the hustle of the city, head to Kowloon Park – take the subway to Tsim Sha Tsui. The park contains a bird lake, with hundreds of colourful flamingos, Bainiao Garden, a football field, children’s playground, banyan courtyard and a sculpture park. The park is open every day except Fridays. On a Sunday afternoon, various groups gather to practice martial arts or dance. A stroll through gives an excellent flavour of the many activities taking place in the city.
  • One of the best views in Hong Kong is also accessible from Kowloon Park. Head through the park past the bird sanctuary and over the bridge to a pier lit by fairy lights. From the very end of the pier, Hong Kong island is laid out in front of you, to the left are cruise ships in the harbor, and to the right the developments taking place on the reclaimed land.
  • Shopping for electronics: Sham Sui Po has the greatest and cheapest computer accessories you’ll ever find. Head for the computer hardware store just by the metro. The basement has an assortment of gadgets for computers – from those you’ve always wanted, to those you never knew you needed but just can’t leave behind. Everything is on sale at prices substantially cheaper than those in the West.
  • Entrance to all museums is free on Wednesdays. One of the biggest and best is the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, which has exhibitions on HK’s history, art and culture.
  • To visit beaches, depart from Sai Kung, from where you can reach almost any beautiful island you want. Just take one of the boats and spend a day relaxing…
  • You may have scored a cheap flight to Hong Kong, but it’s not the cheapest city to eat or drink in. To save money if you're female, however, head for bars on “Ladies Nights” – most bars have these and it means free entrance and free drinks for women all night long. Wan Chai is the center of the nightlife region. For celebrity-spotting, hit the Dragon, a favored nightclub with the rich and famous. Needless to say, there is a strict dress code and door policy.

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How much do things cost in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong
Loaf of white bread
C$ 2.58
Bottle of beer (imported beer)
C$ 2.75
Large bottle of water
C$ 2.09
C$ 5.59

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