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Situated on the east coast of Majorca, Cala Millor is the largest resort in the area and boasts one of the longest beaches. Its beach stretches for four miles, bounded by two spectacular headlands, and is one of the most attractive on the island. As you'd expect for a large and popular beach, there is a huge range of activities here, from swimming to windsurfing. Beach chairs can be hired and there is always a lifeguard on duty. The lifeguard, along with a gently sloping sandy beach leading out to clear, warm waters, makes this a popular destination with families, many of whom book flights to Cala Millor every year.

The resort of Cala Millor itself is purpose built for tourism. The first hotel here was built in 1933, the Hotel Eureka, which still stands today, now alongside another 60 hotels and similar number of self-catering apartments. The name Cala Millor means “better cove” and this was one of the first coves to become developed to tourism. But local bays were quick to follow suit, and nearby Cala D'Or and Cala Bona are fully-fledged destinations in their own right. Cala Millor retains the crown as the liveliest resort: holidaymakers looking for a fun-filled, cheerful destination book cheap Calla Millor flights and flock to this energetic resort.

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Cala Millor insider information

  • Enjoy your time on this long beach, but you will never be far from the hotels, bars and restaurants which lie immediately behind.
  • Get away from all the development with a 30-minute walk up to Punta N’Amer and have a drink in peace at the small bar at the top beside the 17th century watchtower.
  • If you like zoos go to the Safari-Zoo on the road south to Porto Cristo. It is open every day.

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