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Borovets overview

Situated at 1390m on the Rila Mountains, Borovets is the largest ski resort in Eastern Europe and also the oldest, founded in 1896 as a hunting ground for kings. Today, travellers book flights to Borovets for its excellent ski school, good snow record and lively nightlife.

Along with other Eastern European resorts, Borovets offers an alternative, cheaper ski holiday to those found in the traditional resorts of France, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Hotels, flights, ski hire, lift passes and the cost of living are all cheaper here, making it a perfect resort for skiers on a budget. Borovets has access to three different ski areas, with the highest pistes at an impressive 2600m. But the area is best for beginners and intermediates, with little to challenge advanced skiers.

Though the town is somewhat ugly – purpose-built hotels have sprung up quickly in recent years and building continues apace – the surrounding landscape is stunning, with many pistes running through pine forests. The town is also renowned for its lively nightlife and friendly atmosphere, with some of the best après ski in Bulgaria.

Borovets flights arrive in Sofia, just 45 miles away. Transfers from Sofia Airport take approximately one-and-a-half hours.

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When to fly to Borovets

Peak season:

The ski season runs from mid-December to mid-April. There are plenty of summer activities on offer as well, making in a year-round destination.

Off season:

Cheap flights to Borovets are easiest to find when the ski season is winding down, though prices on accommodation will rise during the Easter holidays. Very early season, mid-December, will also offer cheaper accommodation, but is likely to be extremely cold and a food snowfall isn't guaranteed.

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Borovets insider information

  • The ski bus will take you straight from your hotel to the slopes.
  • There are three different ski areas accessible from the town: Sitnqkovo, Markudjik and Qstrebec. The last is the best for more experienced skiers and the site of all the competitions.
  • In summer you can see the wildlife, including birds such as the treecreeper family, you can go hiking or hire a horse for a cross-country trek.
  • Bulgarians nod for no and shake their head for yes. But they do know that foreigners do the opposite, so it might be simpler to use the word “Da” for yes and say “Ne” for no.

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