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Drive south of Tunis for about two hours and you'll hit Sousse, the “pearl of the Sahel”. This charming city is famed for its mild climate and beautiful Mediterranean shore. Long before sun-starved Europeans flocked here, the Phoenicians, Byzantines, Arabs, Romans and Tunisians enjoyed this city. It offers modern resort hotels, an authentic medina (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and, of course, a beautiful beach. 

Hundreds of colourful shops are tucked away below the fort in a maze of narrow alleyways. You can shop (haggling is expected) for leather goods, porcelains and carpets. Alternatively, the modern shopping complex is close to the medina. 

For a taste of culture and history, head to the museum, which is located in the 9th-century Kasbah and explore its collection of statues, mosaics and other relics from the Roman era. 

For a taste of the macabre, wander through five kilometres of well-preserved catacombs and marble tombs, the final resting place of 15,000 Christians. With cheap flights to Tunisia on offer from several airlines and holiday companies, you’re steps away from a relaxing seaside getaway.

Sousse insider information

  • Visit Dar Essid which is a museum near the old walls of the city. It is presented as a well-to-do Arab home of the 19th century and consists of family rooms round a tiled courtyard. It shows costumes, jewellery and every day items which give you a good idea of what life must have been like.
  • The town promenade runs between the long sandy beach which can get busy, and the high rise blocks of tourist accommodation.The beaches have good facilities for windsurfing and water sports.
  • Eat couscous, the national dish, which can be made with lamb or chicken and vegetables. You may find harissa (a spicy sauce) and olive oil on the table at the start of a meal which you eat with bread.

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