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Roland Garros overview

Roland Garros Airport, formerly known as Gillot Airport, is located 7km (3.8 miles) east of Saint-Denis, a town on the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean.

Flights to Roland Garros Airport are only available from a few cities, including Bangkok, Johannesburg, Paris, Marseille, Antananarivo, Mauritius, and Sydney.

Most people flying to Reunion come for its sunny skies and white sandy beaches. Tourism accounts for most of the two million or so people who visit the tropical island each year.

Named for the famous French aviator who was born there, the airport enjoys a good reputation, with nominations for “Indian Ocean’s Leading Airport” by the World Travel Awards for the past five years. The facilities are small and basic, but do their job efficiently and many passengers are struck by the friendly attitude of the staff.

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