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The Best Travel Blogs on the Web

Cheapflights’ Pick of the Best Blogs Around

Unlike some bloggers we could mention, most of us can't travel all of the time. When thoughts of finding cheap flights and reading up on potential destinations are a distant dream, a spot of vicarious travelling is just the thing to raise spirits.

This Just In: Budget Travel's Blog

An excellent blog - we love the mix of deals and news. There are well-written postings on the airlines' latest innovations as well as spotlights on festivals around the world. (website:

Itinerant Londoner

Most people Geoff knows have babies and/or a large mortgage. Geoff decides to escape that adult scene by quitting his job and backpacking around the world. First stop, Mexico. (website:

Family on Bikes

Like catnip to stressed-out, time-poor parents. The Vogel family - mom, dad and two boys - left Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, in June 2008. Their plan is to arrive in Ushuaia, Argentina by bicycle in 2010 ... or so. (website:

Notes from the Road

Sumptuous, full-screen images you can lose yourself in. Notes from the Road is one of the most beautiful travel blogs out there. Erik Gauger travels from place to place on a shoestring budget telling, as he says, "the unvarnished, messy truth of travel, told by a regular guy". One to bookmark. (website:


The best blog for city breaks. The writing is crisp, the images abundant. Should be a primer for those planning to spend a couple of days in the greatest cities. Gridskipper has New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Sydney, Tokyo and London on its, er, grid. (website:

Perrin Post

Wendy Perrin answers readers' travel questions, solves their problems and gives advice. Perrin is Condé Nast Traveler's consumer news editor so this site's credentials are beyond question. (website:

The Cranky Flier

Sadly, flying is not as much fun as it could be. Bret Snyder, a self-confessed airline dork, blogs about the pressing issues for flyers such as schedule changes, fares, inflight entertainment, in fact, just about anything that affects flyers. (website:

World Hum

For the journey rather than the destination, World Hum is without peer. Comprehensive does not even begin to describe this site. Has it all - cities on the cheap, great pod hotels, the funny names JetBlue gives its planes, need we go on? (website:


A stable mate of Hotel Chatter and Vegas Chatter, Jaunted is packed full of the burning travel issues of the day. First-person flight reviews, an addictive celebrity travel channel and peeves about certain travel booking sites. We're hooked. (website:

Brittany Dietz
Brittany has travelled to France, Germany, The Netherlands, Mexico, Canada and all over the U.S. She's passionate about travel and has big plans for future trips! Brittany is a Content and Social Media Executive at Cheapflights.