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How to Follow Your Passion with Travel

Fitness, Green, Voluntourism or Solo Travel

This summer, redefine your idea of vacation and combine your trip with something you love to do. Take whatever you’re passionate about and infuse it with an unforgettable travel experience. If you plan well, you’ll find deals for all kinds of hobbies – unless of course, your hobby is overspending.

Fitness travel

For the adventurer whose enthusiasm for exercise can’t possibly be contained in a hotel gym, consider a vacation totally based on an outdoor activity. Surf the waves of Long Beach or climb the highest peaks of the Rockies. Find a deeper yoga practice in the mountains of India, or spend your days mastering Tai Chi on Costa Rican beaches. Read our top Canadian destinations for fitness travel.

Smart saving: Most yoga retreats include accommodations, meals, programs, destination tours and classes. See a new place and get a killer workout all for the price of one. Visit our US blog site for its pick of the best fitness travel destinations around the world.

Green travel

Forget expensive eco-resorts and over-priced green trends. The most authentic (and least expensive) way to help the earth is by simply reducing consumption. It’s easy for eco-minded travellers to incorporate environmental values into any vacation while still keeping your budget. Whether you’re travelling to a green city such as Portland Oregon, or simply practising eco-conscious habits on the plane or at your hotel, we've got you covered.

Smart saving: Packing fewer bags not only saves jet fuel, but it can also save money that you would have paid checking it with some airlines. If you drink three bottles of water per day, packing a reusable water bottle can save you up to $6 per day or $42 per week. For more tips on how to vacation with a conscience, visit our latest Travel(eco)nomics.


One way to travel inexpensively and help those around you at the same time is to explore the concept of voluntourism. You get to see a new place, experience culture at a local level, and help people by volunteering with schools, orphanages, environmental groups and human rights organizations. There are a wide variety of volunteer companies from which to choose, so see which one fits your travel passion.

Smart savings: Volunteering through International Volunteer Headquarters starts at just $220 per week, including meals, accommodations and all program events. Think about it this way - some hotels charge that per night, without meals. Aside from the small fee, all you’re really paying for is the flight.

Solo travel

Venturing out into the world alone might seem scary, but for some it’s a life-changing experience that opens doors to new friends, experiences and decisions. Before you pick a destination, there are a few things to consider. Familiarity with the native language increases your personal safety, since you won’t be able to rely on a friend in an emergency. If you’re strapped for cash, pick a place that has a favorable currency so you can enjoy the comforts of relaxation without worrying about your budget.

Smart savings: Staying at a hostel not only dramatically reduces the price of your accommodation, but it also allows you to meet and bond with other travellers.

Brittany Dietz
Brittany has travelled to France, Germany, The Netherlands, Mexico, Canada and all over the U.S. She's passionate about travel and has big plans for future trips! Brittany is a Content and Social Media Executive at Cheapflights.