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Canadian Horseback Riding

Where to Saddle Up

Given Canada's majestic terrain, which ranges from rolling green meadows to rough and rugged mountains that stretch to the sky, horseback riding (often referred to as Equestrianism) is an extraordinarily popular pastime.

Although the two schools of horseback riding - Western and English - are quite distinct, they have more in common than is often assumed, including a solid seat, hips and shoulders balanced over the feet and hands independent of the seat for proper balance. When it comes to long periods of riding through the wilderness on uneven terrain (for pleasure or work), the Western riding style and equipment is usually more appropriate than those of the English.

Although there is no shortage of incredible scenery to be seen anywhere you go in Canada, the province of Alberta has some gems not be missed – especially on horseback. To begin with, Alberta is home to a major segment of the Canadian Rockies. What better way to experience these natural castles in the air, than on horseback, following in the footsteps of the earliest settlers?

To get you started, check out a list of some resources for Canadian outfitters specializing in Western riding. Most are in Alberta but we’ve given a nod to Ontario and British Columbia as well. Some outfitters are located on ranches, so they're equipped to house visitors for an entire equestrian vacation. Note that with most outfitters, you can opt for rides that last anywhere from a few hours to a week. So, here’s to gettin’ back in the saddle again (or climbin’ on your first time).

Anchord Outfitting
Black Diamond, AlbertaWhether you are looking for a two- or three-hour guided trail ride in the high foothills, mountain day rides, a family-friendly weekend in the saddle or even a four- or seven-day adventure ride, we have a horseback vacation for everyone.

Brewster Adventures
Banff, AlbertaExplore the Canadian Rockies with trail rides, sleigh rides and two- and four-day horseback riding vacations, all led by the famous Brewster Family of real life pioneers and cowboys.

Tod Mountain Ranch
Hefley Creek, BCYou will ride in 30,000 hectares of mountain trails, forest and alpine that surrounds the ranch. Tod Mountain Ranch is also home to bears, deer, moose and coyotes. The ranch can accommodate up to 16 guests and all rides are kept to a maximum of eight riders, with accommodation of all levels of horse riding experience.

Niagara, OntarioHoresback riding along the beach with trail rides located in Southern Ontario, close to Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Western New York; Hamilton, Haldimand.

Meadow Springs Ranch
South Cariboo, British ColumbiaMeadow Springs is a working ranch in British Columbia that has cabin rentals and does horseback rides and trail rides. The Ranch accommodations can sleep up to approximately 11 guests.

Tsylos Park Lodge and Adventures
Williams Lake, British ColumbiaIf it’s outside and you would like to do it in breathtakingly gorgeous surroundings, Tsylos will likely have you covered. From horseback riding and fly fishing to grizzly bear watching, there’s a lot to see and do. Of particular interest to western minded equestrians is Tsylos’ seven-night stay, that centers around riding your horse every day of the week , going increasingly further and learning increasingly difficult techniques.

Brittany Dietz
Brittany has travelled to France, Germany, The Netherlands, Mexico, Canada and all over the U.S. She's passionate about travel and has big plans for future trips! Brittany is a Content and Social Media Executive at Cheapflights.