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Finding a flight

How is different from other travel Web sites?

Most other travel websites are trying to sell you something. We are a website dedicated to showing you the best travel deals - not a travel agent. We do not sell tickets or give specific quotes. Our mission is to be the No. 1 guide to travel deals.

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Do you have tips on finding the cheapest flights?

You'll find plenty of travel tips in Cheapflightsology, which has served our users well for the past 12 years. Book as far in advance as possible, be flexible with travel dates, flight times, and, if possible, departure points. Sign up to our free newsletter and keep an eye on our Hot Deals section, which includes flights, hotels, vacations, cruises and more.

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Do you list prices for air departures from countries outside Canada? displays flight deals departing from airports in Canada and some in the United States (including Buffalo, Seattle, Burlington and Detroit). displays flight deals departing from US airports; lists flight deals departing from airports in the United Kingdom and Ireland. is one of our newer sites, for users in Australia and New Zealand.

We've also expanded into Europe in the past year, caters for bargain hunters in Germany, for Spain and for France.

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I telephoned an agent, and he claimed no knowledge of his company's advertised price on your site.

This very rarely happens. If it does, please be sure to get the name of the person who answered your call, and send us an email immediately. We will follow it up with the advertiser..

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To what extent can we rely on the accuracy of the prices on your site?

We ask all contributors to ensure that the prices quoted should be available within the subsequent month. If not, then they should give dates for availability.

Prices change quickly, and charter prices can change several times a day. It is always best to double-check the cost of the ticket (and don't forget to check that all taxes are included in the price!).

You should also ask if there is an extra charge for credit-card booking. Some agents reveal this charge at a far too late a stage.

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May we create a link to your site?

Yes, we are delighted to for you to link to our site. Click here for a page of different-sized logos.

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I am in the travel industry and would like to display prices on the destination pages of your site or have a banner on your site. How do I do this?

We have a dedicated Advertise with us page which will tell you more about it. Alternatively, email us and one of our business development team will get in touch with you.