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Thousands of years before the arrival of Christopher Columbus, South American immigrants settled the island now known as Jamaica. The country became a haven for buccaneers and profiteers. African slaves and indentured Asian servants worked the sugar cane plantations. The fusion of legends, traditions, customs and cuisines creates a unique cultural experience for those who take advantage of cheap flights to Jamaica. The vibrant montage is set against a backdrop of natural tropical beauty. You can hike in the Blue Mountains or explore multi-coloured reefs at Runaway Bay and Ocho Rios. Breathtaking sunset views, reggae and jerk chicken await those who take a cheap flight to Jamaica. In addition to palm tree-lined beaches, Jamaica offers nature walks, quaint fishing villages and pristine waterfalls. Take a flight to Jamaica and see the capital of Kingston, a cosmopolitan city with an intriguing colonial history. Montego Bay is the centre of action with its shops, restaurants, golf courses and colonial-era homes.

Immerse yourself in the spirit and legend of Bob Marley at the theatre named in his honour. Negril is a picturesque coastal destination of scenic cliffs, remarkable beaches and rural charm. Ocho Rios has sandy shores, waterfalls and rivers that will surely please any eco-tourist. Crystalline waters of the Blue Lagoon and verdant hillsides await Port Antonio visitors. Once the banana capital of the world, it now affords an enchanting picture of old Jamaica. In addition to these locations, Jamaica flights afford visitors the opportunity to tour numerous other historic sites, museums and cultural events. Dark caves, underwater treasures and enriching landscapes combine with a vibrant lifestyle to make Jamaica one of the best Caribbean vacation destinations. The island’s unique history, culture and landscape are easily accessible when you take one of the many cheap flights to Jamaica.

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